Whats wrong with an over the top big budget AvP movie...

Started by arnold23, Sep 15, 2007, 03:53:34 AM

Whats wrong with an over the top big budget AvP movie... (Read 900 times)


I am going to be strait up with all of you here at the Galaxy.  We can all commit that Predator, Alien, and Aliens are all deemed as cult classics.  Predator 2, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, AvP, (well see on AvP: Requim) are great in their own sense but I personly have felt that they dont give what a strong fan base should want...I say this in P2 and Alien 3 and 4 equaly.  With AvP, Fox almost put it in the shitter with a bad treatment to the creatures we like.  Simply their was not a budget (or a brain) for the project. 

I will admit, the upcoming AvP-R looks pretty good, but everybody, including me have their doubts.

What I want to know is, Fox making the big bucks they do and the fan base around both series, why cant they risk making an AvP film with a big budget, A good writer/director/and poducer that has the sheer balls to give all of us what we really want.  Something with plenty of over the top action, but containing a story that will give us the Predator and Aliens (Predaliens, Queens, Facehuggers, more Predators, and all the Newborns :D,) that we could possibly dream of.  Something on a Star Wars, Matrix level...

What do you think...


Neither SW nor the first Matrix were super expensive.


I know, but after they were established their universes were expanded.  In alien and Predator we have seen everything on our planet so lets party in theirs.


Because big over the top movies is kind'a the opposite of what the Alien and Predator movies are, always have been, and God willing, always will be.


Alien and Aliens are bona fide classics - not just cult classics.

Why don't they go all out?  Money.  The later Alien films did okay, but weren't blockbusters.  Same with AvP.  Low budget, turned a decent profit.  Making a big budget flick is greater risk, and this far along in a franchise - too big of a risk.  If AvP2 makes mega bucks they'd consider it certainly, but if it simply does okay, we'll get more of the same.


One of the things that made the Alien films successful was the claustrophobia and isolation that the people experienced. Another thing was the "realism"; that Man was pretty much alone in the universe. Aside from the comic books (and the AVP movies), Man had not interacted with another intelligent species.

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