Which sources for A/P Infos

Started by dDave, Aug 29, 2007, 12:16:14 PM

Which source for A/P Infos should include by everyone, in your opinion

All Alien/Pred Stuff
7 (100%)
All A/P Stuff, except AVP(1)
0 (0%)
All A/P Stuff, except Comics/Novels
0 (0%)
All A/P Stuff, except Games
0 (0%)
All A/P Stuff, except Games/Comics
0 (0%)
it depends on the time and the topic!
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 7

Which sources for A/P Infos (Read 1,164 times)



I have had enough with discussions like..,,,

A: "An Alien is stronger than a Pred, because you can see in AVP, how one alien kills two preds"
B: "You doenst count AVP for such a question, because it had a stupid director! The whole thing was wrong, Preds are very much stronger than aliens, because in P1 and P2, one Pred kills a lot of marines/gang members..."


A: "I think a Pred is hunting to get very much honour..., because of what is standing in the Novel Hunter's Planet"
B: "No, hehe No. You doesnt count Comics or such things, Preds hunting for sport, no more..."

these discussions make me sick and i think a lot of you too. i mean those where people come with arguments from all over the A/P universe, but everytime with exceptions like "AVP isnt a good movie and show nothing true about Preds/Aliens" and then a big trouble is making his way throug the thread.

what i want with this poll is, which sources do people use most and which is is the baddest one.

In my opinion, it should count "everything" out of the A/P universe.

But hwat do you think.

And when you are thinking that this poll is bullshit, mhh please post no useless posts...thx



Limiting the source will end debate and that's the worst thing that can happen to a Forum.
All sources should be included because each can have a valid point and when in a discussion you can always throw as much information in as possible to bring to the table... however every serious debate on a forum is NEVER solved because there is always extremists for either side that will not cave in.

The fun of a forum  :D



QuoteIn my opinion, it should count "everything" out of the A/P universe.

And therein lies the problem.  No one's going to agree.

I find it's simply easier to preface anything potentially controversial with "If you take x into account, then y".  At least people know where you're coming from.

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