Which one holds up the best nowadays?

Started by Aeus, Jul 29, 2007, 01:14:12 PM

Which one holds up the best nowadays? (Read 2,729 times)


I'm really puzzled about the killing of king willy. What's so great about it???? When the fun starts the scene ends.

I haven't seen alien and aliens in ages did the effects really date badly? What a shame


To be honest i find most effects nowadays extremely bad, because all has been done with computers. It works best the old way, with actors in a suit with great make-up and camera angles.

Just look at the Hulk, he looks like a cartoon. Jurassic Park trilogy and king kong however had superb effects


In aliens u know what will pop out, except the queen no one knew about that. predator its like something new every so often. its a special agent..no wait its a cloaked man!...what? its an ugly motherf**ker?!?!?


Alien holds up surprisingly well considering it was made in 1979.  The effects may be dated, but everything looks real and the actors make it seem more real.

Btw, PeterKeyes, in Alien the creature kept evolving to something new to keep the audience in suspense - first it was the eggs inside the ship, then the facehugger, then the chestburster... etc.


Im talking about the ALiens movie. sure people would of thought whens gonna pop out,but they had an idea of what type of thing it is. but alien shocked people more because of the cycle. wish I traveled back in time and saw it.


i agree with you predator is most watchable, better then aliens, but the first alien is better

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