Alien/Predator sound effects to listen to.

Started by MetroidMatt87, May 10, 2007, 02:14:17 AM

Alien/Predator sound effects to listen to. (Read 5,966 times)


Anyone know where I can find good quality, non- music in the back round sound effects of the alien or predator movies? Ive looked everywhere and only found poor quality ones. I want a really good one of the predator growl. Like when he takes a trophy in AvP 2 the game for PC. Is there anyway to extract the sounds to hear them over and over again?


Only two sites I know of:

But if you want sound effects from AvP2, check this out:

There's used to be alien sounds on Foood's Alien Temple but it's not online anymore.

Might be worth putting sound effects on Galaxy. It's the third time somebody has requested them.


Dude, you f**king rock!!!

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