Origin of Isabella Borgia's Xenomorphs?

Started by Frosty Venom, Sep 27, 2018, 02:35:42 PM

Origin of Isabella Borgia's Xenomorphs? (Read 3,537 times)

Frosty Venom

Frosty Venom

It is revealed that Hunter Borgia gifted Isabella with the Xenomorphs but how did he acquire these specimens?

My theory is that he heard rumours of Yautja activity at Bouvetoya Island; he traveled there but instead discovered the frozen Queen.

Does anyone have any other theories? If not what do you think of this one?

The Old One

The Old One

That's a good theory, considering the circumstances in Concrete Jungle.

I believe the real reason is much simpler though; they wanted an Alien cameo without thinking through the implications.



Quote from: Frosty Venom on Sep 27, 2018, 02:35:42 PM
My theory is that he heard rumours of Yautja activity at Bouvet Island; he traveled there but instead discovered the frozen Queen.

Oh that used to be my theory as well. The events of AVP were referenced by Hunter and Lucretia so it seemed to fit, they have been tracking Predator presence on Earth for quite some time, I think when you go to see Hunter's skull on the trophies menu it says he traveled the world looking for histories of "demons who made trophies of men". The queen was froken for like thousands of years on that pyramid, I can see her surviving her "end" on AVP. Yeah, the predators should have ganged up on her and captured her back instead of letting her up to Scar, another thing about AVP that bothered me.

Before AVPR came out, I encountered a fanmade script of a sequel from AVP that had the humans finding that Queen, then she would lay 2 eggs before dying. The history had 2 aliens vs 2 predators and was set in 2007, at that time as a kid I though it was real :P. Then when I played Concrete Jungle I though... maybe its related to that. Haha.

I remember back then someone even started a rumor that you could find the queen on the bug hunt level. I wouldn't have minded, but overall I think the aliens were pretty bad, out of place and weak. They should have focused on quality over quantity, fewer stronger aliens would have been better. Make each one a mini boss like the dudes from the monster squad. At that point in the game you are already quite overpowered.


Probaly weyland industries scienists in search for Charles weyland destiny found the queen and breeding xenomorphs. They probaly have supplie borgia industries with them

The Necronoir

The family was making a fortune out of capturing and reverse-engineering predator tech and predators themselves, so they probably retrieved eggs from a ship that just happened to be carrying them, ala AVP:R.

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