Favourite Costume - 2018 Edition

Started by IXvPRIMUSvXI, Mar 06, 2018, 07:01:12 AM

What is your favourite Costume to wear when playing?

Concrete Jungle (Scarface)
10 (50%)
Jungle Hunter (Predator 1987)
1 (5%)
Ritual Armor
0 (0%)
Alien Hunter (Alien vs predator 2004)
0 (0%)
Dark Blade Clan
5 (25%)
City Hunter (Predator 2 1990)
4 (20%)
Bad Blood
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 20

Favourite Costume - 2018 Edition (Read 3,908 times)



For those who are fans of Predator and The game Predator Concrete Jungle, What's your favorite Costume in the game?

Crew Expendable

I always liked to play as City Hunter, as I loved Predator 2 as a kid. After I got all the weapon upgrades though I would switch to Dark Blade Clan because that costume went best with the top tier upgrades.


Concrete Jungle and Dark Blade Clan were my favorites. It's hard to choose but I guess I will go with the first one, the mask, the human blood and the spikes while keeping some of the old school style from the original predator was a great design.



Were the costumes unlockable or could you choose all from the beginning?


Quote from: Wweyland on Apr 17, 2018, 06:22:12 PM
Were the costumes unlockable or could you choose all from the beginning?



Alien Hunter: Kill all snipers in the mission A Night to Remember.

Bad Blood: Destroy the large computer at the start of the mission The New Flesh.

City Hunter Costume: Kill 50 aliens in the mission Bug Hunt.

Dark Blade Clan: Ignore the first enemies and kill a man instead on the mission Ex

Jungle Hunter costume: Kill the Irish boss in the mission Midsummer Night's Massacre.

Ritual Armor: Destroy the three trucks after following El Hongo. The first truck is by a billboard at the start of the mission. THe second truck is in a carpark, and the third truck is at the southeast edge of the level.



Sounds like one of the coolest unlockables ever. Nowadays, it would be a DLC of course.


city hunter and concrete jungle were my favorite

The Kurgan

The Kurgan

Scarface was my favorite. Celtics mask, the spikes, the ragged chainmail and the red markings. Just awesome.
Dark Blade  is propably my second favorite. Especially when he is draped with all the dark blade weapons, matching the armor. Gives him a very uniform, professional hightech look, which was something different.


Dark Blade clan for me, perfect blend between movies and comic book.


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