Was anyone rooting for Hunter Borgia?

Started by DUB1, Jun 11, 2011, 09:11:19 PM

Was anyone rooting for Hunter Borgia? (Read 5,307 times)



It's something I've wondered for a while. Does anyone here believe the predators derserved to be exploited by Borgia Industries, or were they the lesser of the two "evils". The predators, after all, aren't really up to many peoples' moral standards. Same for Borgia Industries.

I'd like to hear other people's thoughts before i further elaborate on my opinion, but I'll start by saying that no, I wasn't rooting for Hunter Borgia.


Borgia Industries also feed gangsters their new high-tech weaponry and help crime around Neonopolis.  I was rooting for Scarface a lot more than I was rooting for the humans.


I disliked Hunter Borgia. He was the villain in the story and I felt more sympathetic towards Scarface. He was exiled to a planet for 100 years and he wanted to get revenge for what the Borgia family did to him. (Isabella shot one of his eyes. I wouldn't be to happy if that happened to me) It felt like Scarface was trying to redeem himself and the predator race where as Hunter just wanted more power and to harness there weapons.


There was at times this game felt too much like a comic book. One example is the portrayal of Hunter Borgia as a one-dimensional villain. There were almost no redeeming qualities in the character.


Personally I was behind Scarface the whole game hoping he redeemed himself. My friend on the other hand was in love with the Borgia Predators but never Hunter Bporgia he felt like a standard bad guy.


I certainly wasn't. He felt like a recycled and undeveloped villian to me.

The Cruentus

Same here, he was just a greedy a****** aspiring to be something he was not and he killed his own daughter. Now Bruno Borgia was a better villian, he achieved what he did without alien blood and tech.

Crazy Rich

Hunter Borgia was a stunted weakling...

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