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Started by Accaris, Nov 14, 2007, 09:56:40 PM

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This thread is for my Aliens vs. Predator Source Guide project (I may have already mentioned it.) I'm not sure if this is the right forum, since this is kind of game related, but not entirely (and it isn't a videogame.)

I'm working on a massive AVP guide for tabletop roleplaying. Even though my guide will be written for a specific RPG system, it will be comprehensive enough to act as a standalone source for the AVP universe. This isn't a trifling task; I'm looking at a 100+ page guide that will be as professionally written and formatted as possible, with screen grabs and artwork throughout. I'm doing this because one simply doesn't exist in any kind of accessible form. (The guide will be a free download, by the way.)

This thread is here for me to provide status updates on the project; hopefully the guide's completion will coincide with the release of AVP: Requiem. I suck at making websites, so there isn't an official site for the guide.

I'd love to entertain any questions or suggestions about the project.



I'll start by posting a road map / table of contents / outline for the guide. I'm about 15% complete at this point (on Chapter 4.)

Forward - Required Background Material
              Recommended Material
1. Introduction To the Source Guide
2. A Note On AVP Canon & Fact Selection
3. The Storyline
-Era I, 2000-2100 A.D.: Frontier (The rise of human presence in the galaxy)
-Era II, 2100-2190 A.D.: Encounters (The events of Alien, Aliens, & Alien 3, and the universe of this period)
-Era III, 2190-2240 A.D.: No More Secrets (The Alien Earth wars and corporate experiments)
-Era IV, 2240-present: Dust To Dust (The "Big Deletion," the events of Alien: Resurrection, and the recolonization of Earth)
-The Demon Who Makes Trophies of Men (Predator related events throughout the history of human civilization and the clash of humanity, the aliens, and predators in space)
4. Races & Classes:

             -The Corporations (The societal influence of Weyland Yutani and other agencies)
             -The Military (USCMC, USM, and other peace keeping organizations)
             -Colonization (The process and state of human space exploration)
     -Roleplaying Tips
   -Soldier (The Colonial Marine Corp and its divisions, and the United Systems Military)
   -Mercenary (Space pirates, smugglers, and galactic scum, the "Betty" crew)
   -Scientist (Company researchers, colonists and terraformers, and everyday civilians)
   -Synthetic (History and rules for playing an Android character)
   -The Next Step of Human Evolution (Genetic engineering, telepaths, and hybrids)
            -Rules of the Hunt (The hunt and how Predator society centers on it)
            -Hierarchy of Power (Tribes, castes, and theories of Predator "social Darwinism")
            -Bad Blooded (Rogue Predators, criminals, and Predator arbitration) 
     -Roleplaying Tips
   -Hunter (The vast majority of Predator society)
   -Warrior (A Predator's role in open warfare)
   -Arbiter (Those who must hunt down and destroy wayward members of their race)
   -Ronin (When a Predator decides he no longer wishes to hunt)

             -Live To Breed (The Alien lifecycle explained)
             -Hive Mind (How Aliens act as one, the Queen, and the collective unconscious)
             -...Join Us (Nightmares, cults, and theories of Alien telepathy)
     -Roleplaying Tips
     -Drone/Warrior (The final state of an Alien's life)
     -The Queen (Special rules for including the Queen in an Alien campaign)
     -Mutations (Host trait acquisition, the "red" hive, and others)
     -Experiments (Spears, Kleist, Church, Wren, and others)
     -The Jockey Race (The Space Jockey and its possible connection to the Alien)

5. New Skills (Inherent to the AVP Universe and the RPG Basic system)
6. New Character Traits
7. Worlds
     -Core Worlds (The evolution of Earth as a human center, other major human worlds)
     -Outer Rim (LV-426 and colonies like it)
     -Deep Space (Speculation on Alien & Predator homeworlds)
8. Technology
     -Setting & Availability (description of the status of technology divided by Era)
        -Human Weapons
        -Predator Weapons
        -Alien Weapons
        -Human Items
        -Predator Items
        -Human Vehicles
        -Predator Vehicles 
9. Campaigning In AVP (Building an AVP Game)
     -Identify The Setting (How to choose which Era and world to play in)
               -Historical settings (Before Era I)
     -Choosing Sides (How to develop a campaign based on race)
               -Human-based Stories
               -Predator-based Stories
               -Alien-based Stories
               -One-shot Adventures vs. Connected Campaign
      -Beyond Survival Horror (Thematic interpretations of Alien and Predator)
               -H.R. Giger's psychosexual surrealism
               -Darkness Of Space (Claustrophobia, fear, "less is more" in the AVP universe)
               -The Colour Out of Space (Gothic horror and Lovecraftian influence)
               -Leaders (The importance of strong human characters)
      -Atmosphere (How to use effects to enhance an AVP game)
               -Music recommendations
               -Visual aids
10. SAMPLE Adventure: "The Darkness of Lacerta:" A Colonial Marines excursion for 2-4 players.
11. Credits & Art Credits

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