Aliens and Predator Fan-Made Games

Started by luckymerc, Mar 02, 2023, 12:29:21 PM

Aliens and Predator Fan-Made Games (Read 793 times)


So being a fan of the franchise for over 30 years, I decided to challenge myself in 2022 to go and play every single Aliens and Predator game made. During this challenge I so happened to come across a lot of fan-made projects. I wasn't able to play every single one in the year, as I'm still finding more and more out there in 2023, so this is part 1.

This video is a particularly special one as I intend to support the developers who made the games to help them make more & continue with their passions. You could say I'm trying to pay it forward. Links for the games are all included in the video description if you so choose to play & support them. I'll continue to make more Aliens and Predator gameplays and upload them, as I'm a fanboy for life. Have fun!

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