NECA AVP Warrior Series 7 - Two Different Nail Paint Schemes?

Started by XenoFiles, Jan 16, 2023, 05:27:06 PM

NECA AVP Warrior Series 7 - Two Different Nail Paint Schemes? (Read 1,119 times)


Does anyone know whether NECA had different two runs or a re-issue of the AVP warrior? Here is why I'm asking... There seems to be two different versions of the warrior xenomorph which look indentical in all regards except their fingernails and toesnails, one has them painted in a light metallic grey while the other seems to have no painting whatsoever. I'm not reffering to the AliExpress bootlegs/knockoffs but at what seem to be genuine figures (clamshell wiring protocols, copy rights on the inner side of the right hip, serial number imprinted at the bottom right side at the back side of the clamshell (367N121715). I've also seen these two different paint scheme versions in YouTube reviwes of somewhat renowned channels ("Out Of The Box Reviews" - no fingernails/toenails paint variant and "The Review Spot" - light silver variant).


It might have been the Alien that was released as part of the Comic-Con Superman vs. Aliens two pack.

(Photo Credit ToyArk)


The Rhino alien had two versions and I don't think there are bootlegs for that. some have black hip ball joints and yellow dry brushing on the head while others have orange hips and lack the yellow paint.

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