Scarface Predator Enters AVP 2010 [PC/XBOX 360/PS3]

Started by IXvPRIMUSvXI, Dec 03, 2017, 07:23:37 PM

Scarface Predator Enters AVP 2010 [PC/XBOX 360/PS3] (Read 1,696 times)



A member of the Dark Blade Clan who Redeemed Itself and Claimed His Honor...

SCARFACE Predator Has Joined the Hunt on AVP 2010

Feel Free to add me on Steam/PSN/XBOX LIVE
REMEMBER: Only add me if you're a Predator fan like me. :)
Steam: Scarface - [Dark Blade Clan]
PSN: ScarfacePred_DBC
XBOX LIVE: Scarface Pred

happy Hunting Fellas and Predator Concrete Jungle 4ever! <3

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