Why are some games not Multi Plat?

Started by AcidGlow, Feb 23, 2013, 02:55:48 AM

Why are some games not Multi Plat? (Read 542 times)



It's not always cost-effective to go multiplatform, especially with something like a phone game.


I do think it also comes down to the quality threshold.  A lot of indie developers go for the portable market because the fidelity and standards are probably two generations behind what is expected of a PC or Console release. You can make a game that looks like something just ahead of the SNES or PS2 curve and it's fine for a portable game.  It doesn't require a huge development team. Things like that.

I do agree, I would have gladly purchased Requiem for the PC or a PC port of Aliens : Extermination. (I've never seen one of the cabinets anywhere.)

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