No host migration... what are the odds it will be implemented?

Started by Porkus Maximus, Feb 15, 2013, 02:46:00 PM

No host migration... what are the odds it will be implemented? (Read 2,012 times)

Porkus Maximus

Game host and his team get absolutely dominated > host ragequits > lol back in the lobby

When they copy/pasted the match making from CoD, how did they forget to include host migration?  Can we realistically expect it to be implemented?


I hope so, I can't believe people don't have this in the game nowadays.

Anyway, I agree with you 100%


One of many ways Gearbox destroyed this game.. they're using technology from 2001, remember!? Just look at the animations.. duh Gwafics!!! omg!


I've honestly had a much bigger problem with the Alien wall-crawling and things like the Lurker. I think that should be a priority over host migration.

Did anyone notice that if you go to quit the game and are the host, it will say something like "quitting will result in losing the XP bonus for this match and kicking all other players?" It straight up tells you you're going to boot everyone, and if not, it just says you'll lose your xp so you know you can quit without kicking everyone.

So the people that quit and are host are just superior bitches/ragequitters, because they know they're hosting (at least on Xbox.)


The migration thing needs to be fixed immediately. It's a huge problem for games. I've had a dozen games shut down on me because the host just got bored and left. They don't bother to read those quitting messages, i'm sure.


That sucks. Funny that we're talking about a feature that should've already been in the game. :-\


Taking a look at the game's ini files (specifically PecanGame.ini in My Documents\My Games\Aliens Colonial Marines\Config), there seems to be a couple of settings for host migration, at least implying that it was planned for this game at some point.
The settings are:

One can hope that they'll implement it in the future.

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