Aliens CM: STEAM

Started by Anonymous684, Feb 12, 2013, 12:14:31 AM

Aliens CM: STEAM (Read 1,201 times)



Hey ladies and gents! Would love to kick back and slay some bitches with my fellow AVPG members. Was curious who's going to be playing it on the PC VIA Steam. Post your tags and take mine down. Hope to see you all on!

I will also be attempting to host annual Steam Game Nights for PC players.

add - uncannypsycho



Hey new to the forums but an avid fan of the whole Aliens franchise.

I was looking for a well established Aliens community and so here I am :)

Anyway...ill have my copy of the game in a few days so feel free to add me on steam for some MP action.

Steam ID: Repulsar_

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