Aliens RPG footage (genuine??)

Started by X3Ent3nte, May 30, 2012, 09:14:45 PM

Aliens RPG footage (genuine??) (Read 3,573 times)



Im still burnt that obsidians alien roleplaying game was cancelled. Im no fan of mass effect so i was suprised by this video as i was certain they would copy Mass effect's abyssmal whack-a-mole gameplay but according to this video i saw, apparently obsidian were going down a more survival horror route (much like creative assembly's (shudder) dead space inspired horror game. The AI looks atrocious however, but it still looks like it had promise. I hope at some point sega revives this project :)



looks like Jill Valentine shooting Aliens


I doubt its genuine. Also it plays like TPS not RPG, the AI is so bad or even its turned off. I am more likely to believe this is some unfinished mod. I can bet money this is Jill Valentine's (as Vepariga said) model from REmake. This is genuine though ->


Guys, that's very early pre-alpha footage. Of course the AI was basic as f**k and dumb. Don't you know anything about game development?


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