ALIENS Vs. PREDATOR Universe Server

Started by Le Celticant, Aug 28, 2010, 04:56:51 PM

ALIENS Vs. PREDATOR Universe Server (Read 2,095 times)

Le Celticant

I open a server with both Swarm and BugHunt DLC ONLY to pump up the people in the community who bought it.
I added some maps from the original game which IMO worth a game.
Name: Aliens Vs. Predator Universe [DLC]
-Docks (Swarm Mappack)
-Outpost (Swarm Mappack)
-Crashsite (BugHunt Mappack)
-Furious (BugHunt Mappack)

Friendly fire: OFF
Score Limit: 80
Team Balancing: YES
Time Limit: 1 hour.
Max Amount of Players: 18
Average Ping server: 20 - 70
Average Ping Players: 60 - 120

I can give the rcon if needed via PM.


Sounds like a good rotation to me. I'm pretty damn sure plenty of players bought the map packs, which makes me all that much more disappointed that most servers don't have'em in the rotations. Thanks for setting this up, I'll see about sneaking on when I play. Hopefully others follow suit.


1 hour time limit.. god I hate those.. who wants to play in 1 map for an hour.. Good thing I host my own games.. XD 15 minute map rotations are enough for me..   :P


Yea, I did a double take when I saw the 1 hour time limit, too, but it's an 80 point score limit. Those breeze by quick. The WPC servers all seem to be 160 point matches for 15-20 minutes, and there have been quite a few occasions where the score limit was reached. I feel like the 1 hour time limit is more to make it "First one to 80" rather than "Most kills at the end of the match". In any case, I suspect matches would last probably about 15 minutes on this server, 30 minutes tops (if everyone really sucks or if nobody plays on it).

Le Celticant

The 'time limit' has no purpose at all in this game or in any other IMO.
80 for score is easily reachable in less than 20 minutes I've only set 1 hour to be sure that map won't rotate that fast in the list when nobody is playing.
Imagine you see Furious, you join the game, you wait 5 minutes to have 2 joiner and you only have 10 minutes of gaming into a DLC map.
It's pretty lame IMO, they deserves more time especially considering that the quality of thus are much higher than original AVP2010 maps.

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