-=GOD=- clan from avp2 back.

Started by Saberous, Feb 14, 2010, 04:36:51 PM

-=GOD=- clan from avp2 back. (Read 863 times)



Hi everyone -=GOD=- Clan is back up after a 9 years waiting for the next avp.

-=GOD=- website is up and in full swing.  So stop by our forums to say hi.


Our AVP servers are pre ordered so look for them if you have the PC game version.

-=GOD=- Who's the better Killer. This server is a Mixed Species Team Death Match.

-=GOD=- Deadliest of the Species. This server is Team Death Match.

I hope to collect your heads there....


Hey Saberous, I remember -=GOD=-

Good to see you guys are back!

Look forward to some great gaming with you guys.

We are also playing AvP Classic 2000, so check us out and keep in touch.




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