-|L- imageless aka [IL] Imageless recruiting

Started by tyrantil, Feb 10, 2010, 12:43:21 PM

-|L- imageless aka [IL] Imageless recruiting (Read 1,066 times)



imageless are recruiting for avp3, we played avp2 for fun and once again we will enjoying ourselves at this next installment

our website is http://www.imageless-gaming.net/
u can contact me on xfire indy1980 or steam tyrantil
contact on irc quakenet #imageless-clan

we changed the tag a while back so a few old school imageless players couldnt find us :P
we are a pc clan, but if we get enough interest in console side, we will also allow some console gamers too join!!

Hope 2 see u guys again, much <3 for x-lr :D


Yooo ste hit me up on f**kin MSN. AVP f**king 3 hell yes!



grunt man :D sweet, how long has it bin? gud u remember my real name ^_^ i sure will, unsure how the timezone and pings will do on this game, as 2 give avp2 some credit it wasnt 2 bad with uk and us playing together, wot msn do u have me on m8 tyrantil or engsucll?


AVP Not AVP3 lol please understand..... lol so good oldie [IL] Are back eh ? nice you seen Cat Like thief? is he still around ? (That is if you know him of course...) very old member of Imageless.


how could i not forget clt i still have a chat 2 him once in awhile :) but hes not online mucg, i know its not avp3 but im gunna call it avp3 :P
also we never went anywhere we still been quite active in other games :D

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