Welcome to the |NERV|ous System - 18+ EURO Recruiting (PC)

Started by Warrior_Saladin, Feb 08, 2010, 04:29:20 AM

Welcome to the |NERV|ous System - 18+ EURO Recruiting (PC) (Read 1,060 times)



The NERV Clan is not just a clan...

We are an international multi-gaming clan. We have our own servers, our own rules and regulations. When you join this clan you are not just joining the AvP division but a larger brotherhood, a real Clan, a family, with as much social aspects to it as gaming.

"NERV was founded in 2001 where it dominated Red Faction, never losing a competitive match and it excelled at playing the game for what it was - A game. Those traits which were born in 2001 remain today where members from North America and Europe play for the enjoyment of the game and the thrill of the matches."

If you are looking for more than just your ordinary day-to-day Clan you have come to the right place. We don't recruit kids, we don't recruit "omgwtf uberpwnnoobzorz". The majority of our members are English but we have members from all walks of life with memberships from Scotland, Wales, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia and as far away as Lithuania.

From day 1 of the release we aim to have several servers up and running (depending on voluntary contributions). For a solid clan, we ask for a solid membership in return.

Read our handbook at our website and if you like what you see then drop in an application. The Handbook can be found at the below link.
This will give you an idea of what the NERV clan is about and if this clan is best suited for you and vice versa. Main areas of concern in the Handbook for new recruts are 'Introduction', 'NERV members' & 'Forums'.

To make an application please post in the relevent section at our website.

If you have any questions or queries, just look me up on steam chat.

Xeno-admiring Regards

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