NEW PRED CLAN R.O.H. needs members

Started by Guan Thwei, Jan 22, 2010, 05:56:14 AM

NEW PRED CLAN R.O.H. needs members (Read 1,060 times)

Guan Thwei

Guan Thwei

hi we are looking for more members for the x-box 360 we go by the yautjas highest code of honor and if your wanting a clan who is going to actually play like a true yautja then join R.O.H. we will be glad to have you in our ranks and if you want in then message me or add my gamer tag: BLOODSHEDD to your friends list on the 360 and ill add you ill give you our quiz and ill discuss our rank structure to you if you have any comments or intrest in being in a clan plz let me know and ill be glad to talk with you till then have a nice day

if this is offensive to any other clan i mean no disrespect im new to this site just joind tonight

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