AvP2 Veteran looking for a new army.

Started by Mr. Slugworth, Jan 19, 2010, 06:32:48 AM

AvP2 Veteran looking for a new army. (Read 1,409 times)

Mr. Slugworth

Mr. Slugworth

Hello everyone... my name is "Slugworth",  I live in sunny Southern California... and my girlfriend thinks that I'm too old to play online video games (but she thinks it's "cute"... whatever that means...).

I'm excited about the release of the new AvP game, so excited in fact, that its forcing me to buy my own xbox, rather`than keep playing on my roommate's console. I dont want to break his 360... because... I know I will play the shit out of this game, eventually triggering the most feared "red rings of death" or whatever the hell they're called. I shoudnt have to put my roommate through that "warranty bullshit" just because I have an overwhelming urge to kill aliens and predators. The $200 bucks is worth it (+ $50 for the game, add another $15 for the silly headset... and another $50 for the 12 month membership... yikes....).

I played AvP2 online ever since it came out almost 10 years ago, all the way up until the servers were shutdown recently.  I went by "Slugworth", just like I still do now. I'm looking for a new pack of friends as I make the transition from killing aliens and predators on PC, to killing them on Xbox Live. I'm also looking for any other AvP2 vets that I may recognize, or that may remember me. Fat chance though.
xbox live gamertag:
xMr Slugworthx

I'll be firing up my account again soon, but you can add me now if you'd like. Lets kill some bugs!


By the way, did I mention that my girlfriend thinks that I'm too old for this?  She's younger than I am and finds it amazing that I saw ALIENS in the theater when it came out... and if you think about it, I'm still "playing with my Alien toys". Weird.

Giant Ox

Giant Ox

are u playing for 360 or PC

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