9THCMD is now recruiting!!!!

Started by Zeus[9thcmd], Jan 17, 2010, 07:20:21 AM

9THCMD is now recruiting!!!! (Read 1,408 times)



9THCMD  is now recruiting!!!!

Hello everyone I hope all of you are as excited as I am to finally having AVP3 released.  In the next couple of weeks I will be uprooting a new 9thcmd webpage, ventrillo, teamspeak or some sort of program that we can chat on.  The 9thcmd will also be hosting our own gaming servers.  So please if you know who the 9thcmd was in the previous games and would like to join, Let me know.  If you were a member before and would like to rejoin you are more than welcome to come back!!   Our temp email address is 9thcmd@gmail.com.   This message is short and sweet.  Stay Tuned!

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