9th Army CMC - Are looking for Team players (All Species)

Started by 9th_Stew, Nov 26, 2009, 05:17:36 PM

9th Army CMC - Are looking for Team players (All Species) (Read 1,602 times)



The 9th Army CMC are a dedicated unit from all over the globe. Founded in 1999 we have got ourselves recognised and stable within the AVP community. The structure of the clan is based on ranks and achievements - which later can be used to give you centre seat  to command your own platoon of guys/ pack of hunters/ Army of drones..

We are waiting for AVP3 to come out but why not pop along to our forum anyways to say hi.. even if your already in a clan.


Were recruiting Predators, Aliens and Marines

Ages 16 and up.

- Must have a microphone.

- Must be a good teamplayer, and be able to take orders.

- Your English must be understandable.

Apply here, as our website is currently getting maintenance work done..


Update: our website is now up - take a look..



Join us people!

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