Xenomorph Cameo in Samurai Showdown 2 Game

Started by AcidGlow, Mar 23, 2008, 03:39:25 AM

Xenomorph Cameo in Samurai Showdown 2 Game (Read 4,080 times)


A friend pointed this out to me.

Full animation (4:38 into the video). The Xenomorph's head and tail are shown in Gen-An's boiling pot.

Single Frame


You are the guy that made a comment on one of my episode avp videos on youtube right?  ;D


Don't remember.... but there's only one AcidGlow... so yeah.. uhh... back to my previous post...



That cool. I never play the Samurai Showdown games before.


Corporal Harrison

thats kinda weird...the aliens in a pot.....


Japan is just as obssessed with Aliens, and Predators as we are. Maybe we can turn this into a general Cameo thread?

Here's some quickies.

The "Ants" in the Demon Cave level of ActRaiser 2, are obviously inspired by the Aliens creature designs, complete with a  boss that looks like the Queen (+ egg sack that it tears free of).

In general, just about ALL the Contra titles feature entire levels inspired by the Alien franchise. Here's some quick shots from a few of the games.

- Super Contra (Arcade)

- Contra (NES)

Does the Cover Art look familiar to you all?

I'll post some more if you all want. I have plenty.

Bone Crusher

In the last picture the guy on the left looks like arnie ;D


Quote from: Bone Crusher on May 02, 2008, 03:34:02 PM
In the last picture the guy on the left looks like arnie ;D

And the guy on the right is John Rambo!

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