Prey Producer Talks Franchise Future and Possible New AVP Film!

Started by RidgeTop, Aug 18, 2022, 04:57:52 AM

Prey Producer Talks Franchise Future and Possible New AVP Film! (Read 14,395 times)


With the recently released Prey being a significant success for the Hulu and Disney+ streaming platforms, naturally questions have arisen regarding future plans for the franchise.

In a new interview with Variety, longtime series Producer John Davis reminisced on the production history of the franchise up until Prey. Davis elaborated on the about the initial attempt at keeping the nature of the Predator film a secret as well as congratulated Director Dan Trachtenberg on the film.

"Dan came to me and we went to the studio, and it was in the middle of making the other movie. And we decided, 'Alright, let's do this, but we're gonna make it a top secret project.' So the whole idea was to keep this top secret. The other movie would come out, and then we would announce that we were ready right away to make this. Now, it took a lot longer than right away because different things happened and Fox got sold. It moved over into Disney, and I think it's great. Disney understood the potential of this franchise."

"Dan did a terrific job. This movie is his imagination. This movie was his idea. People just need a fresh reinterpretation of this franchise from time to time. And if they have it, it will survive 100 years."

When asked on the possible future for the franchise, Davis hints at multiple possibilities such as another prequel, a contemporary film, and even a new Alien vs. Predator movie:

"Well, maybe there's an origin origin story. Right? Maybe there's another 'Alien vs. Predator' story in a different situation. And maybe there's a new modern-day version. And maybe there's something somewhere in between. I think this character can show up throughout history."

 Prey Producer Talks Franchise Future and Possible New AVP Film!

Alien vs. Predator artwork for Prodos Games by Darek Zabrocki

Special Effects Supervisor Alec Gillis also spoke to the possibility of a new AVP film during an interview with

“I think there’s certainly some good stories that could be told in that world, and it’s not like it hasn’t been done. What excites me about Disney’s involvement in this is what they’ve done with the Star Wars universe, where you can have these standalone side story movies. It expands the universe and expands possibilities. So we’re looking forward to filling in those spaces with cool creatures, cool stories.”

With the last Alien vs. Predator film having released back in 2007, It’s certainly been long enough for us that we’d be plenty hyped to see another AVP film!

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"It's certainly been long enough for us that we'd be plenty hyped to see another AVP film!"

Hopefully a better one than the previous 2

Embry Starred

What a great time to be a predator fan again:)


Hot dog, time to finish my film so I can start pitching.

Scott Conover

I hope the next AvP involves Machiko, Broken Tusk & Ryushi, otherwise I really couldn't get excited. I've been burnt too many times.

Corporal Hicks

I really hope something comes of this. There's so much potential and momentum to come from Prey!


Get it done. The fanbase is there for it.


If anything is going to happen it's got to be now. With the success of Prey; Disney needs to strike while the iron is hot. I'd love to see a predator anthology of shorts akin to If It Bleeds or Eyes of The Demon. Give me 10 one hour episodes like Black Mirror. That would be KILLER.
While the AVP films are a guilty pleasure for me I'm not sure a vs film can be pulled off without feeling hokey. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see something like The Rage War series on Disney or Hulu. But, I just think that nothing will meet our expectations.


If Noah Hawley's Alien's good or Fede Alvarez's Alien's good, perhaps we can do a build up to AVP soon?


I am really hyped in interested about new content, movies, games and universes in both the franchises, i just hope they can do it right, they can experiment with things but the characters culture and ways need to be respected, we cant have another predators and humans friendship, aliens being just some bugs that can be killed with ease, things like that, i believe in disney but the characters must be respected.



I think Fede's movie will be pretty stand alone. The tv show I have no idea.

I personally think both franchises suffer when its AvP, so Im not super anxious to have everything crossover. Lets just focus on getting a good Alien story out of Alvares. Then if it does well, they should think about a seperate AvP story. Don't force it.
My two cents

You can't set expectations like that because then you will be forever disappointed


Very encouraging news. I can see the femake lead in this last movie being good in ab avp movie if they cherry pick from the comics .



If there is going to be another AVP film, they will need to change the way they produce these things. Most importantly, they need to at least take fan feedback to account. Now fans aren't always right in their opinion, and if we are talking about some Oscar-caliber artistic movie, filmmakers should go with their own vision, not bend over backwards to fan demand. BUT...if we are talking about popular movie franchises like Alien and Predator, the history of the AVP films tell us the producers should listen to what the fans actually want.

I remember there was a fan outcry when 20th Century Fox selected Paul W.S. Anderson to direct AVP. The fans knew he was a poor choice for the job, but the studio ignored the outcry, thinking they knew better than the fans on what makes a good movie. And the result? Crappy movie as the fans predicted. Granted, AVP is not without some good points here and there, and I find it enjoyable to watch as a guilty pleasure. But overall, its not a good movie.

The studio repeated this mistake with AVPR. In their arrogance, they brushed aside what the fans actually wanted. Now to their credit, the directing duo of AVPR, the Strause brothers, knew the fans wanted a AVP movie set in the space and in the future, but their hands were tied by Fox. The result was of course the worst of all the Alien or Predator movies. Personally, I actually enjoyed AVPR as a fun slasher flick, seen in that context, its actually quite entertaining. But if I was to give it a serious review, I can't defend it as a good Alien or Predator movie.

Which means, the studio MUST take into account what the fans actually want to see in a AVP movie...for once.  Now they don't need a movie dictated by every fan demand (which may not be such a good way to make a movie), but they do need a movie that at least acknowledges what the fans actually WANT and give them some satisfaction in that area.


There's literally no director, no plot, no direction the story could take that some fan, somewhere, wouldn't complain about. Lots of fans don't even want AvP to happen, period.

Crazy Rich

Can't make everyone happy.

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