Things you have only just noticed/didn't notice the first time.

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Things you have only just noticed/didn't notice the first time. (Read 38,142 times)


Quote from: Heaven Piercing Man on Mar 14, 2023, 02:44:37 AM
Quote from: Kradan on Feb 05, 2022, 01:25:16 AMSo, I always found 57 years gap between events of Alien and Aliens to be weird. Why 57 years ? Why not 50, why not 100 ? It's usually a rounded number in movies, so why 57 years ?

And suddenly I remembered something: Alien takes place in 2122, 2122 plus 57 equals 2179, right ? 2179, huh ? Can it be a slight nod towards original movie's release year - 1979 ?

It's the other way around. We're never told anything about dates in Alien, and maybe the only clue would be Cobb's Semiotic Standard having the year 2078 on it. But Aliens takes place 57 years later and only then we're told it takes place in a year ending in 79 when Ripley says the date of Burke's message to the colony: "Directive dated 6-12-79, signed Burke, Carter J."

From there, if we assume 79 means 2179, you just substract 57 and you get 2122. I guess Cameron chose '79 to give a shout out to the first movie's release year.

I love that the 2179 date has been generally adapted in both movies and EU. Although the "original EU" was a 100 years too early I think.

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