Prometheus ConceptArt/MakingOf/BehindTheScenes - MasterThread

Started by LarsVader, Jun 14, 2012, 12:34:13 PM

Prometheus ConceptArt/MakingOf/BehindTheScenes - MasterThread (Read 198,523 times)


Let them finish the story Steve!

Cosmic Incubation

I'm sure it's been talked about before in this forum, but damn I really love a lot of the concept art for Prometheus.

These images in particular I love, and have such an atmospheric and gothic tone to them. It's like looking at cosmic horror versions of old religious renaissance paintings. Really paints a story in my mind.

In my mind this is the song that would play during this whole sequence:
Have A Nice Life - Emptiness Will Eat the Witch

As much as I legitimately enjoy Prometheus in many many ways, a lot of the concept art does make me see how the film could have been so much more. There's the makings of a gothic/cosmic horror masterpiece in there.

The Eighth Passenger


I wish they didn't cut this scene out.


I wish they didn't cut a lot of scenes out in Prometheus.

It amazes me how they seemingly managed to make that film worse at every stage of development.

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