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Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Apr 15, 2019, 08:35:31 AM
There's nothing wrong with a bit of self deprecating (within reason) but I just mean if you're putting across you don't enjoy making the things, it doesn't really send a positive message to people that they might enjoy listening.

I do enjoy it. It's fun to put together. Putting the bar scene in part 2 together was fun, got to mix in some hot 80's club music. Enjoyed going back to med-lab at Hadley's hope. Enjoyed finding a special sound effect for Carter's gun, a fun reference in it's self.

What I don't enjoy is putting so much time and effort into it and then actors either leaving or worse what happens 99.9% of the time, they stop responding to emails and vanish without a trace. Leaving because of life is a great excuse. Leaving without so much as a goodbye not so much. I've lost so many projects because of what I call "voice actors disease" which causes sudden vanishing, never to be heard from again. I once had a paying project, and they still got infected and I never heard from them again. The fun is making it, the not so fun part is the casting. AJ is the only person I've ever had who's reliable.

And AJ said the same thing.  ::)

Some people have huge egos, I have the anti-ego. I suck and I know it.  ;D

Charon, part 2 is finished compiling. But there's soooooooo much work to do. So much audio on the left, or the right and not centered. So much level work to do. But we'll still make it for 4/26.

I kept the references to a minimum this time. Only Die Hard, Innerspace, star trek and river of pain get referenced. And a Niell Blomkamp movie. But that's all.

And Top Gun, but it's only one line. I swear.

And pisswasser.

And star wars.



Maybe time to go easier on yourself. You struggle but you've accomplished a lot. Plus, what Hicks said! Your attitude toward it matters.


We can't get a Captain, but somehow we can get a Newt.


We're 95% on who will replace our actors. Stay tuned, as people who don't understand how things work these days say.

Corporal Hicks

I'm glad to hear it's going well.  :)


From darkness to light.  ;D

Still, we'll lose Graham soon. Homies been on TV shows, he ain't got time for us.

And, yes, we require a Newt... Long term. I think you'll like how we bring her back to life. She's a vital part of Charon.

Be positive, even though it's soul crushingly hopeless. It's what I say everyday I work.



Great news mate  ;D

Admire your persistence and endurance for the sake of making art.


Gained two, lost one. Back to casting.  ::)



Recently listened your work. Pretty good actually. It was enjoyable spending of few hours.

I like idea of incorporating elements of Prometheus and Covenant lore in more traditional Alien's set. Paul Church was really something i'd never see coming  :) John is pretty interesting character and i like his own short story you produced.

So, good stuff indeed, Waiting patiently for more of this.


At this point John will be the only character we have left.  ;D

Thanks for listening!

Charon, Part 2 will be released on Alien Day, AKA Friday.



Administrator Carter and his band of Mercenaries take one step closer to acquiring a Xenomorph specimen. But will a heart breaking discovery melt his cold, cold heart?

Charon, Part Two.



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Corporal Hicks

Fantastic!! Looking forward to having a listen!


Now comes the fun references and story info! Yay!

'It's a planet. It's a moon. Whatever." A similar conversation happened in rive of pain.

Both songs used in the bar were used in another 80's scifi movie, Innerspace. In fact they were used in the same way I used them.

"I got that lovin' feeling." Is a top gun nod, albeit not as strong as the one I wrote for part 3.

Hicks' shotgun sound effect in the APC.

Some say Vasquez's smart gun was tossed out of the APC, but I don't think so. And as I've said, we're not going with Colonial Marines canon so I left it in the APC to be found and claimed.

Kylen reads the same document that Bishop did in the med-lab.

They mention one of the facehuggers being decayed on an examination table. It's the one Bishop was fooling around with that's been rotting away for 2 years. I don't know exactly where he did that, but I guessed it was med-lab.

"I wonder if there's a bar around here." That's a nod to the bar sign you see at the colony.

Bay 14, section 31. If you know anything about star trek, you'd know article 14, section 31. Carter's mission is a covert one and highly classified.

McClaren is an obvious name drop, though no relation to the Ripley family.

The mercenaries find Newt's citizenship award picture in her hiding spot.

Henn, Weaver and Cameron are all mercenaries.

Why do I keep bringing up piss water? Because of Water World.

The gun sound effect is the one used in Die Hard 2. I didn't like the "Pop-A-Cha" sound from the first movie. AJ had a choice of sound effects to use including the Beretta from Lethal Weapon, he chose Die Hard.

Fun fact: The Beretta used in both Die Hard and Lethal Weapon was the exact same gun.

Shit sounds 80s. 1980s, not 2180s. Charon is based on Aliens, a 1980s movie and therefore takes much of it's nostalgia from it.

Elysium station is in orbit of Acheron.

Carter mentions the fate of the mercs from Mr. Deckard and how they ended up when their contract was terminated.

The scrolling text of the computer in med-lab is a staple of 80s movie and TV computer readout sound effects.

Wilhelm scream.

Smacking technology around till it works is always a tried and true method to get something to work right.

Yes, I know the APC was "wasted" but was it? Was it really? Or was it because it was scripted but the special effect they did never got put in?

"Nothing but rain" Whaddaya hear, Starbuck? Nothing but the rain, Sir. I was watching a lot of BSG as I was writing.

Didn't you know you can fry up half a city with a particle beam weapon?

Running a bypass to open the door.

Easier to clone than breed them. It seems in the future they had to clone one to breed them.

The Draco Double Burner makes a second appearance, it was in Mr. Deckard. Carter mentions the company owns them and that they are bulky and crude, unlike the slimmer and more advanced design of the future.

Carter kept the picture of Newt, it sits on his desk. It triggers him into an emotional meltdown.

Carter mentioned Newt could have been a school teacher. In case you didn't know, that's exactly what she grew up to be in real life.

The hologram on sound effect is just from a star trek game. And for some reason the mobile holographic emitter in our universe is more advanced than the one in Voyager because it's autonomous like the PUPs and can project an image that's indistinguishable from a real object or person.

Kylen was badly damaged by a woman, not a man.

Yes, the NewtOgram is dressed like she is in the award picture.

No, she is not going to be voiced by Carrie Henn. We would never bother her with something like this.

Why bring Newt back at all? Because I never liked that she was killed off, that's why.

How can the NewtOgram have memories? In part 3 we talk about how the company monitored everything that went on there. Surveillance cameras and microphones were everywhere. The colony was their investment, they wanted to make sure no one was up to shenanigans that might cause them problems so they would record and analyze everything the colonists said or did without them ever knowing they were being spied on. The computer uses the vast amounts of data collected to make a simulation of Newt, though it didn't have enough of surveillance data on her to simulate a 100% accurate memory for her. For example, the NewtOgram doesn't have any memory of going to the derelict. Nor will it ever say "mostly" because events like that happened outside of surveillance monitoring. But she does remember most of the events of river of pain. And up until the aliens cut the power. After that, there was no more surveillance monitoring and the computer could not simulate memory for her. I now it's a stretch to explain giving her memories, but we all know the company would certainly spy on the colonists to make sure they weren't plotting anything that would harm the bottom line for them.

I hope so, for your sake. You should know where that's from.

More aggressive than a hungry cat. This more for me than anything else. My cat's a pain in the ass when he wants food.


Will this be made available on any podcast apps? The last one Alien: Solara was and it was so handy to listen to it on the go! Looking forward to listening to this 😀



SoundCloud wants money to upload anymore, and they delete anything with detectable copyrighted audio so I don't use that anymore.

And we never got on iTunes. Don't ask me why. I moved on from it.

It's odd to say YouTube has given me the least problems.

All I can tell you right now is to follow us on Twitter. If anyone has a suggestion let me know.

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