First Predators Movie Footage!!!

Started by Darkness, Mar 13, 2010, 07:15:03 AM

First Predators Movie Footage!!! (Read 19,775 times)



Saying this movie isn't "needed" is plain retarded. Is any movie "needed"? The Alien and Predator movies are classics and still loved even to this day. There will always be some trace of them in Hollywoodland. Every body wants to make one and nail it. The failures only strengthen that yearning. Good, bad, or ugly. They won't just go away.



:o  HOLY CRAP! I AM GONNA SEE THIS BAD BOY! WOOOO! Oh boy, it's probably gonna be rated R and I'm 13....god I hope they let me in.

Now with the whole AVP story, I am sort of expecting a short cameo from an alien, you know, as the intro for the movie showing what the Predators are exactly and what they are doing there.

And personally I loved AVP and AVPR, what I did with those two movies, especially AVPR is I didn't watch it and acted like a critic, I just had fun with the movie and I enjoy it.


HEY WARGHOST! u are dead on about that.the predator movies will always be wanted.i myself didnt care for the last 3 but still want to see another one.i hope this one is better. 8)

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