Rebellion's position on further AVP support

Started by [REB]Trigger, Jul 21, 2010, 01:19:06 PM

Rebellion's position on further AVP support (Read 69,924 times)



Rebellion's statement on this subject can be found here and is as follows;

QuoteRebellion would like to keep supporting the title on all formats for as long as we are allowed. However, ultimately the licence belongs to Fox and the game is published by Sega, and any decisions rest with them.

It has been previously posted on this thread, but we felt it deserves its own standalone post for clarity.


What does this mean for the PC? Will patches still be developed and released for that platform?

Edit: Sorry if this question was clarified before, I just haven't seen anything about PC yet.

Ultimate Hunter

Yes on the PC Rebellion can release as many patches as they like.

And nobody is blaming Rebellion for what's happening to us console AVP owners, we all know Sega is responsible...


What are the chances of SEGA allowing at least one more patch (patch 5) release (Iknow you can't really speak to this as you don't work for them, but we're grasping at straws here)? Is there any option that Rebellion could use to skirt the console patch fee (free DLC or something)?


I know SEGA is at fault in this situation, I just wish Rebellion would communicate to them how the fans feel about this in a strong way if they have not already.

Corporal Hicks

I'm really disappointed and I completely understand where you are in this predicament. Is there nothing at all Rebellion can do to push the support through?


Is there no way Sega can appeal to Xbox or Sony to waive or at least reduce the fee for releasing patches on consoles?


Sega's the one to blame in my opinion. We all know of Sega's shady past of ' support ' <__<


The question is... Would you (Rebellion) like to continue support for AvP, or would you rather get crackin on the sequel?? If there is a sequel in the works, and you guys (Rebellion) are behind it, i personally would rather you guys dedicate all attention to the sequel. But, if there is a sequel being developed, and its NOT from Rebellion, then yes, pursue AvP patches.


Not just patches... DLC too.



sega look at it from a business point of view, theres just not enough people playing it to pay rebellion to make it happen on the consoles as well as the PC

this is partly because of the balance issues (and bugs connecting to games etc) rebellion did at the start lost alot of players. The kind of perks like having dedicated servers with ranking didnt come out on release - it was more of a follow up - people left fairly quickly and didnt come back when rebellion finally did get round to polishing their game

how can a UK chart topping game have so little players??!!

i think they would prolly rather spend the money on getting other games or expansion packs for this game out

in essence the project was a failure between the two companies but the hardcore fans (on PC mainly) are still happy - they got a new game

what a great way to loose customers

wonder if FOX will look for new developers and publishers?? or give up on converting the concept of AvP into games? time will tell.


SEGA, dude, I love this game, go help out Rebellion, get things staightened out with 20th Century Fox and patch up the flaws here please. As Sonic once said, "C'mon step it up!"


SEGA this patch got good reviews and feedback from pc players and it brought players back, it will do the same for the consoles to. Please release this patch for consoles, then stop support if you want as this patch is all we need to make this game more playable, cos i'm sick and tired of getting killed by a pred in melee just cos he countered one of my attacks and knocked me on my ass as an Alien and the damn bunny-hopping.

PS...Then after you release this patch give the rights back to Fox and never touch an AVP game again

Corporal Hicks

QuoteAfter discussion internally and with Rebellion, we'd like to address the AVP concerns regarding patches:

Following the last patch for Consoles, we looked at feedback from community, customer service concerns, and decided that the game was stable and balanced to a point we were comfortable with. After this, Rebellion crafted an additional 2 PC patches as an experiment using their own in house resources to resolve some technical issues and provide an opportunity for PC players to see some minor balance changes. Given the AVP games were not cross platform, this didn't seem like it would alter the balance between console and PC products.

It was never our intention to give PC games a superior version while console owners are left out. We had no plans to work on another console patch for AvP - the PC update was meant as a favor without wanting console users to feel bad about the update. We are and we have always been very sympathetic with our awesome console community and had not intended to make them feel left out in these changes. We're sorry for any ill will towards the product and ultimately wanted players to enjoy the game as it was intended across the 3 platforms.


'Ill will' Well guess what that bright idea backfired didn't it? pc players do have a superior version now and it ain't fair.
*Really good idea, seriously Rebellion really good idea* - Sarcasm, God's greatest gift.

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