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General Discussion / Re: Sci-Fi Porn Thread 🚀🛸🤖👽👾
« Last post by Kradan on Today at 08:04:13 AM »
You could say the same for many of the Alien movies that DON'T focus on Alien size crews.  Which is like the rest of them. 

People remember the final Marines in Aliens more than the whole cast because they were given more screen time.  You'll notice aside from early meme action that nobody nowadays really talks about Ferro, Spunkmeyer, Crowe, Frost, Drake or Weirzbowski when compared to Hudson, Hicks, Vasquez, and Gorman.  Simply because the latter had WAY more screen time.  I'd say only Al Matthews spot on performance as a senior NCO is the only exception out of that movie.  Same with the Betty crew vs the Auriga crew.  Or anybody not named Ripley, Bishop, Clemens, Dillon, 85, or Morse in Alien 3.

I think the writers of the films just need to realize that nobody really cares if nobodies get merc'd its only when you can actually connect with and relate to characters do people actually give a damn whether they live or die in a drama/action/horror sci fi series. 

That is why I feel the marriage dynamic was wasted in Covenant.  If it wasn't said in passing expository dialogue, I probably wouldn't have even noticed.  It could have been used for more emotional depth to make the deaths feel like a kick in the nuts, instead it just seemed like coworkers upset other crewmembers were dying but they'd get over it if they made it out. 

General Game Discussion / Re: Halo
« Last post by Xenomrph on Today at 02:18:50 AM »
Loving it, core gameplay's the best since the first three, but content's severely limited, the progression's absolute garbage, and the store's just utterly shameful. Pity because it's so fundamentally good.
The more I play of Infinite's big team battle playlist, the less I like it. There's only 3 maps, being able to sprint with the flag fundamentally breaks CTF, the Total Control zone spawn points tend to favor one side of the map over the other, and Stockpile just isn't very fun.
Recreational Area / Re: Last Movie You Watched
« Last post by Billiken on Today at 01:18:12 AM »
The Martian. Love this movie
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: Jurassic Park Series
« Last post by Stitch on Today at 01:10:17 AM »
I liked the gothic horror atmosphere in that part of the movie.

Totally agree. It was awesome.
General Film/TV Discussion / Re: All Star Wars
« Last post by Prez on Today at 01:06:02 AM »
On a different note my two young girls are hooked on Lego Star Wars Castaways. I've started playing it too (rare for me as I'm not a big gamer these days) but it is a cute little game. Felt nostalgic after this and ordered the Jedi Knight collection for our PS4.
Moebius' concept art for The Abyss:

You know when he talks about the underwater scene in Resurrection. Is the only scene when he appears in costume is the part where he grabs Hillard? Just watched it back as I wanted a screencap but I'm sure everything else is CGI.

Yeah pretty sure it's just that bit. A close up of the face, the hand grabbing her, and then an out of focus shot of the Alien swimming away with her. When the Alien eventually surfaces pursuing the group out of the water, there's also a practical shot there.
Recreational Area / Re: Last Movie You Watched
« Last post by KiramidHead on Yesterday at 10:16:21 PM »
Matchstick Men

I haven't seen this since it hit DVD, it's great fun. We need more Ridley and Cage collaborations. "PISSED! BLOOOOOOOOOOOD!"

"I've got to get to know you...and you've got to get to know me"
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