Alien Isolation 2 Seems Unlikely Says Creative Assembly

Started by Darkness, Oct 04, 2015, 03:46:46 PM

Alien Isolation 2 Seems Unlikely Says Creative Assembly (Read 47,429 times)


f**k off, sega. This game DESERVES a sequel. Sigh......


Surely on the heels of a positive reception and two upcoming films there would be heightened interest.

Space Rick

Space Rick

It's a bit weird for me for CA to pass on the possibility of a sequel because they wouldn't have to spend the time this time to create the engine, A.I etc but focus mainly on the content. They could pump it out with much less effort and time, being still a great effort nonetheless. I was hoping they were about to create a sequel, and namely a multiplayer sequel, a team survival, but I guess not then. Pity to drop it now from the hands who gave it more adult credibility than the last films and games combined.

Space Rick

Space Rick

You can thank IGN for the poor sales and missing out on a sequel.


Not surprising but a shame.

I do think they should really have done some story based DLC though, I'm sure they could have made some more money by doing that, and possibly made the case for an expansion.

I think part of the problem with games like AI is they get traded in after completion so many people get 2nd hand copies, some high quality story dlc or a future expansion would have had people holding onto their copies for longer.

Also still a little annoyed at the ending, would have been nice for them to wrap it up a little better.

Jet Strange

Jet Strange

The only thing I would want is for them to release the game where they've merged all the DLC Together.



No seriously...  :((


I just died a little inside! :-(


I 100% blame IGN for the terrible sales. The let a biased reviewer do the review. So now when anyone googled the game or added review to it that crappy IGN review showed up.


It didn't sell terribly. It sold very well. It's just that the world of AAA titles is skewed towards the sales figures of your Call of Duty's and your Halo's. If developers are going to take only that level of sales as success, then it's going to be a horribly stale games world pretty soon.


I wonder if poor DLC sales could have been a factor, there's been a mindset over the last few years that a game is a platform for generating more cash with supplementary content. A:I's DLC has been badly received, so I assume it didn't sell well - I know I didn't buy any.

The game itself sold as well as you could reasonably expect a series-starter to manage. Yeah, there have been Aliens games before, but it's been 14 years since the last well-reviewed one, and that wasn't ported to any consoles. A:I wasn't just effectively starting fresh, it was starting with a poisoned chalice, as Colonial Marines was famously terrible and AvP3 had a middling reception. 2.1m+ sales was good, under the circumstances, and could have been improved on with a decent sequel, after all the goodwill this game's generated.

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

I am completely and utterly gutted about this news. Alien Isolation was the best experience I've had in Alien gaming since I was a kid and terrified of those ancient graphical representations of the Alien. Alien Isolation gave me physical reactions of fear towards the screen and I f**king loved it for that. It was precisely what I imagined being trapped alone with an Alien should feel like. It was God-damn spot on.

It's a real shame that sales figures would effect the sequel like this - especially since on face-value it had seemed as if the game had done really well. It was received incredibly well by fans and critics and won tons of awards. 2 million sounds like a lot. But it's just the reality we live in. Sega hasn't done particularly well with the franchise so far. A rushed AvP to make up for A:CM and fill in the space for Crucible. A:CM was a trainwreck and completely paned by everyone involved...and against all odds Isolation comes out and is one of, if not the, best Alien gaming experience but apparently doesn't do well enough.

Absolutely gutted.

Quote from: Xenoscream on Oct 04, 2015, 10:13:25 PM
I do think they should really have done some story based DLC though, I'm sure they could have made some more money by doing that, and possibly made the case for an expansion.

Completely agree. I think they dropped the ball with the DLC. It was just ripe for some mini-campaigns. I didn't mind one or two Survivor based things but the strength was in its story experience.

Quote from: Darkness on Oct 04, 2015, 08:46:22 PM
QuoteOf course it wasn't an AVP game. But it was an 'Alien' game and that means it could have easily had one campaign from Amanda's point of view and the other from an Alien's - even if it was just a single DLC mission (which seemed to be what most players were actually expecting would happen).

You can't build a story like this with half of it as Amanda and half as the alien. The alien can't die for starters. The gameplay mechanics would be completely different. If they'd have included a couple of chapters of it, I'd guarantee reviewers would be bitching that it was out of place. Sure, I guess DLC was possible but you're still talking about changing the whole gameplay. I must admit I was expecting story DLC from a different characters point of view. It was sadly a missed opportunity.

Indeed. This game wasn't about being the Alien. It was about being hunted by the f**ker! It might have been nice as DLC but it would have been development time away.


True shame indeed I was really hoping for a sequel or at least a story DLC.

Fantastic game for sure and my second favorite game from the entire AvP franchise, nothing will ever top Aliens versus Predator 2 (2001) though.

Top 3 AvP games ever for me:

1. Aliens versus Predator 2 (2001)
2. Alien: Isolation (2014)
3. Aliens versus Predator (1999)



QuoteIt was just ripe for some mini-campaigns. I didn't mind one or two Survivor based things but the strength was in its story experience.

About the "filler" thing (concerning the episode in the main game where you're mostly confronted by androids), I think it's a bit harsh to say even though I admit it has flaws.

I may have written that on another topic some time ago : I think the experience would be even greater with more depth (of characters, for example), more choices and more freedom (RPG elements) and another kinds of difficulty (in the interaction with the world). You could have a main campaign thread but also other missions, some of which could pose a greater challenge (with or without the alien's involvement). Add more "hybridity" to such a game and it would gain longevity and more appeal, I think.

It's more important imho than the possibility to play the alien. I think too that it is something that is in the genre of AvP. But the alien is the trickiest and the most difficult character in that context. I've yet to see a game that would offer a playable alien that would be realistic, glorious and still conveniently fun to play. Maybe it's impossible (at least for the second category; I mean by that that the alien perforce loses its aura when you play it). Anyways, the main problem of a more action-oriented Alien or AvP game would be to inspire itself with the experience of Alien Isolation, I guess.


i´ll belive it when i dont see it. How many times before have we heard that a game proberly won´t be made only to have it pop up anyway. A sequel to a succesfull alien game ( i know that for some reason 2 mill + is considered a failiure, which i find absolutly ridiculous) why not.

On the other hand who says that creative assembly has to be the once to make the sequel. There are a lot of good developers from other studios out there in videogame land, who could give us some amazing alien inspired experiences.

Someone could alreday be working on something but offcourse they cant tell us about it, just like creative assembly couldn´t tell us for a long time

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