"She Is Our Bridge To A Better Humanity" - Aliens: Dark Descent Story Trailer Released!

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jun 15, 2023, 02:48:04 PM

"She Is Our Bridge To A Better Humanity" - Aliens: Dark Descent Story Trailer Released! (Read 3,312 times)

Mike’s Monsters

This was a great trailer. Showed me just enough to not spoil too much and got me super jazzed to play it. I'll be out of town when it drops, so I'm sure everyone will have finished it by the time I get my hands on it. Hope it turns out to be a good one!


All the complaints on visual quality need to be toned down. This is their first game in the Alien IP and it's okay to play it safe with some aspects that would impact on the game's price (which is really good for launch). I bet you if this game is successful they'll even give the option of online multiplayer in the next one and they'll have more money to improve whatever visual aspects.


Quote from: BlueMarsalis79 on Jun 16, 2023, 09:40:08 PM
Quote from: Xenomorphine on Jun 16, 2023, 06:58:10 PMFor something advertising the story, this felt very light on details of the actual story.

(Insert Praetorian whingeposting here)

Do you have to complain about this constantly, at every available opportunity? It conceptually has been part of the franchise longer than it has not at this point.

Remember how it's against the forum rules to act disrespectfully towards others? Keep that in mind for the future, please.

I'm not going to self-censor, just because our views differ. It's a video game, for crying out loud. If you have a difference of opinion about something, then either ignore or present a constructive counter-point.



Maybe you should when you repeat yourself as much as you do. Isolation's unrealistic, the depiction of artificial intelligence's unrealistic, religious zealots in positions of power are unrealistic, bigger Aliens are unrealistic. Change the record please.

Corporal Hicks

It's not on you or any member of this board to tell someone to stop talking about specific things they like or dislike. It's on us to try to convince otherwise but people not agreeing with those points is a given in any group of people and you can't control that. Our own behavior we can control and I'm disappointed you decided to act rude after being asked not to. Consider this a second warning.


I might not agree with his views all the time, but from my POV Xenomorphine always does his best being constructive and civil while expressing his opinions


For the record, I've praised much about 'Isolation' and it'll depend which depictions of AI you're referring to. Some are unrealistic, some aren't. I'm sure we can all point to instances in the films, comics, games, etcetera, which seem break silly or immersion-breaking. 'Resurrection' has its fans, but that's practically become one huge meme for silliness.

Diversity of opinion should be welcomed, so long as it's not mean-spirited in intent.

My problem with this video came down to it advertising itself as a story reveal, but we didn't get many actual story details from it. That's all. I'm still looking forward to playing the end result. Just hope they'll eradicate the bugs of a technical nature, so that it's nice and polished for us. :)


Alien never really went for realism with Ash in the first place, Alien's AI have always been compromised by emotions to some extent from the start, the magazine's use alone seals that for me. It has always been realistic looking but larger than life. Like the Alien itself, conceptually plausible as a natural occurrence, but also highly unlikely to be so compatible and lethal.

Alex White's plagiarius praepotens goes some way to making that more possible with it creating something from our tissue so our body does not reject it, but still a universe of artificial gravity and hard sci-fi in appearance but largely soft sci-fi in practice.

As for any glitches... Depends upon what you mean, Alien Isolation's as polished and optimized as possible across every platform you can think of, but it has become the norm for videogames to be put out initially in broken states or be abandoned after relevance ends.

Dead Space (The Remake) still has micro stuttering on some platforms that will likely never be officially addressed despite a relatively stable launch overall.

Say what you want about Aliens Fireteam Elite from the same publisher Focus Entertainment, but I have had zero issues in terms of performance, and only one glitch I have personally encountered.

Barometer says we are likely to have mostly smooth sailing from what I can discern anyway.

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