Predator: Hunting Grounds Catch-All Thread

Started by Corporal Hicks, Oct 07, 2019, 09:39:48 AM

Predator: Hunting Grounds Catch-All Thread (Read 88,329 times)


People took very poorly to Clash and the devs likely didn't want to do that again.

Still Collating...

The funny thing about that is that it showed how the game can work perfectly fine and stable with 8 players. And the community has been going on and on that they would want a mode where there's like 8 to 12 fireteam members and 2 to 3 predators. Like a big hunt from Predators. Some of the maps are huge, that could definitely work. Don't know why they didn't try that when people said they wanted something like that.


Again, Clash.

They also didn't have bots until later in the game's life so it requires double the players it'd otherwise take for your standard Hunt session and we still hadn't got Predator bots. It also means adjusting the missions because these are designed for 4 people, not 8.


Clash really was a pointless update. The main game did a great job of recreating that "Predator" experience in a multiplayer form, but Clash is just straight-up one of those "only included to pad out the back of the box"-type modes. The kind of thing everyone just played once, said "meh", then went back to Hunt.

A mode where you could team up with one or two people on the Predator side though, that would have been great. I'm not entirely sure how they could have gone about it, and given how much people bitched (and probably still do) about the balancing in the regular game I'm not sure how they would have been able to handle that aspect of it. But on paper that was certainly the mode I think people wanted the most.


It's funny that people asked for a 12v3 or 8vs2 Fireteam vs Predator mode for the longest time, but instead we got a -50 discount of COD without the more robust and functional PVP controls from the series with a Predator thrown in. If anything it showed the weakness of the gameplay the moment they threw in clash. Very limited 4v4 players in a huge map with the gameplay clearly showing that the system is always centered around human vs Predator and not human vs human like most of the Perks and Specializations are useless in Clash.

Shame really, all of this just going to be another memory now.

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: Mr.Turok on Jun 17, 2023, 03:18:06 AMShame really, all of this just going to be another memory now.

I do hate how much I use that word when it comes to talking about Hunting Grounds. It makes me cringe a little to see others use it too. Such a waste.


Quote from: Corporal Hicks on Jun 14, 2023, 07:54:26 AMI genuinely had a lot of fun playing Hunting Grounds. I think the gameplay loop was just perfect for Predator and it worked so damn well. It's just a shame my initial fear for it was realized and it didn't get enough content. It took a year for the game to have the kind of content I thought it should have had at launch, and it's now just disappeared into the ether.

Oh totally i mean i do get what they can have ready for launch vs what's in the game now. Its just a shame they havent stuck with it and constantly expanded.
Being only on pc and ps probally hurt its aswell concidering these game thrive on a massive playerbase but on the flip side i do wonder how much involvement sony had


I'm still itching to complete the "Predkour Master" achievement before the game completely closes down.


We know they answered to Sony and Fox (Searchlight). If Sony is no longer their publisher then they probably lost the entity they have to go through for approvals.

If not that then contracts probably had been affected by the Thomas brothers lawsuit. They had stuff that'd been given the green-light but they could only release what was then on the docket and maybe a Prey promotion had they the time. This might explain the bundles of Predators where it was more efficient to release a few at once rather than space it out because they had to wrap up at a specific time. 

If it wasn't affected by that, then contracts probably meant they couldn't tell anyone they'd been winding down content. We know they couldn't say what was in any update until it launched and one of their community people did get fired over that. So with development of Spirits unleashed going on they left a skeleton crew (which we know they had) to wrap up what content was left.

Personally speaking I think it's a mixture of the three options. The game had been going a few years which is normal for a content cycle. The lawsuit probably affected release dates and while Prey probably wasn't on the to-do list it wasn't hard to whip up a mask to promote the movie. Getting away from Sony meant they only had so much content to release before the game couldn't be supported. And sue to contracts nobody could talk about it either. That's I.P work for you.


It was fun while it lasted, time to move on with a new game. Anyone try Predator VR on Steam?

Corporal Hicks

Has it actually been released on Steam?


I thought that project died?

Corporal Hicks

It made it into some physicals arcades. I know @RidgeTop had found one.


It's for commercial usage only. Which is kind of bizarre. You'd think this would've made its way to some VR set eventually.

I'm half an hour from my nearest arcade and I doubt I'll ever play that. It's entirely dependent on them getting it.


Commercial usage? Yeah that's not going anywhere then  :laugh:  There is a VR section in my local mall but barely do people drop by to check it out, I'm just betting on how long this would last before that too shuts down. They should drop it on Steam like other VR games but why don't they? I have no idea. It's so weird how Predator based games are being dumped on the corner, meanwhile Aliens got Isolation, Fireteam Elite, and now Dark Decent popping about. Is it really that hard to make a good Predator game?

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