Facebook Login is No More

Started by Darkness, Apr 26, 2015, 10:04:26 AM

Facebook Login is No More (Read 874 times)



Unfortunately, Facebook is changing their API on April 30th meaning the Facebook login feature we have on the forum here will cease to function after that date. The original person who wrote the feature isn't around anymore to update it. If you were one of the ones who connected to facebook after you had already registered, go back to using your old username and password to login. Though for the hundreds of people who registered here solely through Facebook, you won't even be able to login after that date as you would never have had a password to begin with. Not good... but all of the Facebook-only accounts here aren't really active members. Either way, for those users, you'll either have to create a new account from scratch or use the password reminder function to reset a new password for your account by entering your username or facebook email.


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