Live will continue without Ed Kowalczyk

Started by Lonely Universe, Jul 23, 2011, 08:28:55 PM

Live will continue without Ed Kowalczyk (Read 480 times)

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Great news for me because I love the band, despite the sharp decline in quality over the last few albums. Really, the music itself remained as wonderful as ever. It was the lyrics and subject matter of the songs which seemed to bog everything down. It began to seem like every song was about Ed's 'love' which, quite frankly is something ALOT of musicians need to learn to keep to themselves. People who haven't got a million dollars and a successful music career behind them need something they can relate to. More like what was found on the first four Live albums and I think that Ed lost sight of that.

Anyway, recently the band announced via thier Facebook page that Live would continue on without Ed and that they are currently seeking out a new vocalist. I really hope they don't go the Alice in Chains route with someone who just mimics the former lead. Really, I think a radical change in direction is exactly what they need with the added benefit of people paying attention again. Live hasn't been in the spotlight since Secret Samadhi. My suggestion would be for them to find a soothing female lead.

After announcing thier hiatus in 2009 the members of the band went on to form The Gracious Few with ex Candlebox lead Kevin Martin on vocals. They released a decent little self-titled album but nothing to get worked up about. Ed released a solo disc, 'Alive' which continued on with the theme of him loving stuff.

If you'd like to check out the band here's a link to my favorite song via YouTube:

I also recommend Waterboy, The Dam at Otter Creek, TBD, White Discussion, Shit Towne, Rattlesnake, Century, Insomnia and the Hole in the Universe, Sparkle, and Where Fishes Go. These are all songs from the first four albums. The next three albums aren't horrible but there is no denying that they are completely different animals as compare to the deeper, moodier original material.

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