Site / Forum Updates - New Theme 28/08/15

Started by Darkness, Nov 01, 2009, 06:40:12 PM

Site / Forum Updates - New Theme 28/08/15 (Read 68,045 times)

Corporal Hicks

And that would be your choice, Domino.  :) It's a very good choice at that.

Chris P

 :D  Brilliant! I love that T-Shirt man. In October, once I turn 18 I will more and likely buy one. I don't know if you remember Cetanu? Well, he and I had planned on making shirts like that for a bunch of our sites way back when. Problem was money.  :-X

But great idea! I like it!  ;)


Nice new banner, guys! :)
Similar to my sig...


Is it just me being thick, or has the little symbol that appears in the address bar changed quite recently? It used to be a little red square wth AvP written on it, didn't it?

Space Sweeper

I think that came with the banner update- I like it.  :)



The new basic theme rocks. 8)



Yeah this is awesome. I had the Alien theme for so long that It's time for something new. I'm not used to the normal AVPgalaxy theme that it feels wired lol.


Yeah same that the theme with the best banner (default) has all the otehr stuff really bad, I would love the default banner with the marine theme :(



Forum has now been upgraded to RC4. Mainly bug fixes and security fixes. Main change is the Youtube embed code. You no longer need to use embed code and it supports many more video sites including Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo and Dailymotion. It won't embed links placed in sentences. It has to be on a new line. So this:


All previous [youtube] codes have been converted over as well.

Space Sweeper

The IGN linkage will be very useful. Nice update.  ;D


Excellent news. :)


Yhe and the gameterailers,

TJ Doc

The Dark Lord has delivered greatness once again. These gifts will no doubt be useful in the coming months.



nice update! :)


I agree, absolutely great. :)

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