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Man, where have you been with all that beatiful stuff !

Today at 09:19:39 AM

Quote from: Master on Today at 05:16:57 AM

There's only one Predalien design worth discussion.

Dorman is da shit
Alien Films / Re: 30 Days for 30 Years / 30t...
Last post by Kradan - Today at 09:13:58 AM
But you've released Predators and Predator 2 retrospectives on their respective anniversary dates ! You've missed it with Aliens tho  :P

I'm of course being only half-serious. I understand that we are all people and we all have our lives to deal with and I was wrong expecting the episode to drop right on anniversary date. I would like to apologise for being somewhat disrespectful. I'm glad to hear that it wasn't forgotten and that episide is gonna be a juicy one.

And remember - you still need to sleep, Corporal, even when assholes like me keep bothering you !
Quote from: Immortan Jonesy on Today at 05:44:05 AMI'd like to see a version without dreadlocks, but I think such dreadlocks could fit with a more biomechanical design.

Edit - maybe more rigid as in the image above or as Sil from Species.

In the future, I might try it similarly - I'd make holes on the sides of the head (shaped like the entrances to the Derelict) and the dreadlocks/tentacles would be retractable (I'd probably animate it also)
It'd not so different from this one's holes+tentacles:
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I could get along with the Sil like look because I like it better when the dreadlocks flow with the shape of the head. I really dislike the ones that come off the sides.
Quote from: Mr.Turok on Today at 04:27:58 AMSeeing a form of tribal-high tech prosthetics would be a badass fresh design take on new Predator characters is a better alternative! 

This is what I really want to see. I just want to see some f**ked up tribal take on a sword or something directly attached in place of an arm. Hell, I can totally see the Predators doing something like that without it even being a medical need.
Quote from: Kimarhi on Yesterday at 04:48:21 AMThe amount of novels being queued for release reminds me of my HS days.  Very nostalgic. 

I think we've surpassed those releases now. Which actually makes me happy! I do really like being in this second golden age.
Recreational Area / Re: Just Talk.
Last post by Corporal Hicks - Today at 08:08:15 AM
So I've emailed another person's representatives with an interview request. I'm taking bets on if I get a reply or not.
Thanks D.
Recreational Area / Re: The Drawing Thread
Last post by Immortan Jonesy - Today at 08:04:55 AM
I draw a couple of spaceships. I've always been obsessed with hammerhead spaceships for a reason. ;D

Alien Films / Re: 30 Days for 30 Years / 30t...
Last post by Corporal Hicks - Today at 08:03:57 AM
It wasn't a 30 days countdown for the podcast release. It was just a countdown to the films release! The episode should be out this week, but it was a beast of an episode and there were more guests than usual.

Quote from: Local Trouble on Yesterday at 05:50:19 PMI'd be more surprised if Hicks was actually sleeping.  Everyone knows that he's not happy unless he's overworked and sleep-deprived.

Happy is the wrong word. It's more "standard operation." I miss the days of sleeping in.
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