Predator the Original Years Omnibus Volume 2 announced (March 2024)

Started by VincentVegaFFF, Jun 04, 2023, 12:31:13 AM

Predator the Original Years Omnibus Volume 2 announced (March 2024) (Read 8,933 times)

Corporal Hicks

Quote from: RakaiThwei on Dec 20, 2023, 08:59:31 PMBut Marvel has this weird "Human Supremacy!" approach with their Predator stories and has Theta effectively one-shotting each Predator she comes across, and I just do not find that entertaining.

This depiction in the first arc is certainly the main issue I have with that series, and that surprise kill at the end of the first issue of the second arc aside, that is certainly not how her encounters in the rest of  The Preserve went.

I always felt they wanted to jump to Machiko without really earning her, but I loved how they course correctly in The Preserve and had her actually only genuinely succeed against the Predators in The Preserve when surprise was on her side. Every other battle she nearly died in and was only saved by outside influence. It also highlighted her synthetic augmentations which was a great choose.


There would be good to have some flashbacks of Theta's first hunts that didn't go that well. The story is all there in visual storytelling, she is covered with scars, must have lost her leg at some point. It shows that her quest isn't a walk in the park, she just is experienced and have proper gear at the point we first see her. But because we never saw that journey, i can see why for some people her skills and wins may seem undesrved.

Corporal Hicks

I completely agree. It's there in the detail. When I first saw her synthetic leg I had that reaction of " much more of her is artificial?" I just think we should have seen her go through that. That is what the first arc should have been.


Or first arc could be as it was, but with flashbacks of her previous hunts at certain points. For example when we for the first time see her artifical leg, we  could get a panel or few showing how she lost her limb.


Depiction does not equal endorsement.

Again, this simple fact is seemingly too hard to understand in the risk-averse culture of the 2020s.

Have to despair at such idiocy, even more so when there are real, horrendous wars going on.


I guess it's time to replace the good old Dark Horse omnibuses.
ALthough I have no love for them, they have a freaky small size, bland white covers, and binding that breaks apart.


Is this ever coming out?

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