Aliens: Resistance (Defiance sequel)

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Aliens: Resistance (Defiance sequel) (Read 46,467 times)


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I'm sure Kradan's read the whole thing over at once at this juncture.

Yeah, I've read Defiance through once and can't recall much from it. Let's see, there was female marine with spine issue. Likeable Working Joe-like android. Alien queen. Some pirates. Oh, and some xenos were drawn really cool. Apart from this nothing else unfortunately.

So you recall most of it then.

Well, then it's what botheres me about the comic. I don't see anything truly special about it unfortunately.

The Old One

The Old One

Fair enough.


I got the trade paperback and I'm like 4/5 of the way through it; I'm trying really hard to enjoy it, but the pacing is just... so bad. Between this series, volume 2 of Defiance, and Terminator: Sector War (also written by Brian Wood, also pretty bad) I'm starting to think that Brian Wood doesn't understand pacing and isn't a particularly good writer.

The story goes at such a whirlwind's pace without taking any time to set up or explain anything, it feels like it's got this "just go with it" attitude where shit just happens and the reader is just supposed to accept it. Like, you can play that card once in a while, but Resistance does it constantly, one thing after another, and as a reader it feels like I'm getting dragged along for a roller coaster ride except there's no tension or stakes because shit just keeps flying past my face without time to process what's going on.

It's baffling because not only is shit happening at an insane pace, it breaks the cardinal rule of sequels by not working as a stand-alone story while simultaneously not clueing the reader in to where they can do some background reading to get caught up. Like, *I* understand who Amanda Ripley is, what she's been through, who Zula is, what she's been through, and how she met Amanda, but if some random reader picked this series up off the rack with no context then they'd not only have no idea what the f**k is going on, they wouldn't know where to turn to find out.

Maybe the last issue fixes this, but it suffers from the same problem that Defiance volume 2 did, and that's a distinct lack of Aliens. I'd almost be okay with it if the story showed down and took some time to breathe, maybe work on a little character interaction somewhere, but it's just so all over the place.

Maybe I just need to immediately re-read it after I finish it. Did Brian Wood also write Rescue? If so, please tell me it's more coherent than Resistance.

Still Collating...

Rescue has only two issues so far and I'm on the fence about it as of now. I agree with everything you said, his stories are feeling kinda flat, with no impact even though on paper so much is happening. It just doesn't feel real, it might be the pacing. It feels all over the place.



Resistance is one of my favourite series in recent memory simply for the Amanda/ Zula dynamic.  I love having them both in the same story.


The series has grown on me the more I read it but the pacing is definitely way too fast. I said on another thread that the first issue of a series should be a longer issue (similar to the Omega issues from F&S or L&D) to give the author more page space to set the story up. I like Brian Wood for the most part but I thought that Dark Horse should've gotten someone new to pen ACM: Rising Threat.


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Wasn't very impressed with this series. It felt like a rushed setup for another story. It skipped along so fast and it lacked tension and atmosphere. Pretty much lacked any of the good things about defiance. Hopefully the next series (rescue?) Improves on this.

According to tfaw rescue was delayed from 5/22 with no new release date.

Just finshed the TPB, thought the same. Way too bland and rushed. Would have made a great one shot comic..that's what it felt liked. Can DH hire a writer who's actually into the Alien universe? Wish Tristan Jones could write and draw one series on his own.

Liked the coloring in this one. Art was good on some objects. Best drawn and most realistic looking stars and star fields by the way. Great job there.

Ending was kind of mediocre lol, the rest was ok. DH can do much better than this...

The Old One

The Old One

Yeah, just let Tristan Jones do the comic he mentioned in the MUTHUR Podcast.


Didn't really enjoy this one. Flew past way too quickly to register and get into the characters.
Also felt that the Defiance and Resistance were lacking a villain.

The Old One

The Old One

Yeah, or a focal point at all.


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Didn't really enjoy this one. Flew past way too quickly to register and get into the characters.
Also felt that the Defiance and Resistance were lacking a villain.

What about "almighty W-Y" ?



Resistance had the androids.

Corporal Hicks


Folks I've been away for a bit.  Just wanted to get some clarity on this subject.  Is my understanding correct that Aliens Resistance did not and will not have a volume 2 graphic novel?


Correct. Volume 2 is Rescue, so the "1" on the spine of Resistance looks stupid on the shelf.

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