Alan Dean Foster not getting novelization royalties from Disney

Started by Xenomrph, Nov 19, 2020, 12:19:39 AM

Alan Dean Foster not getting novelization royalties from Disney (Read 9,674 times)


Quote from: Russ840 on Dec 16, 2020, 08:17:59 PM
Indeed, but those obligations did not carry over with the purchase. As far as I understand anyway.  So I don't see the problem.
That's like buying a car privately from an owner who has it on finance, and then saying that you don't owe the financiers because you didn't buy it from them. Not how business works.



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Quote from: io9"Boom Studios strongly support all creators receiving any reporting and royalty payments they are contractually owed. When we have obligations, we honor them," said Filip Sablik, Boom's president of publishing and marketing, said in a statement provided via press release. "We are happy to work with both the Disney Task Force and our licensor Disney to resolve the situation to everyone's satisfaction." The press release further adds that the Task Force "believes that Boom Studios were not told about the writers who were due royalties when Disney transferred media rights to them."

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