Alan Dean Foster not getting novelization royalties from Disney

Started by Xenomrph, Nov 19, 2020, 12:19:39 AM

Alan Dean Foster not getting novelization royalties from Disney (Read 9,674 times)



This is pretty f**ked up, Disney hasn't been paying ADF royalties owed for the Alien novelizations.


Edit-- slight update on Disney's position. Still bullshit.

Gr33n M4n

Nightmare Asylum

Same thing happening to the creative teams involved in all the comics being reprinted in Marvel's Aliens Omnibus, too. :-\


Slightly different situation. The comics creators weren't contractually entitled to royalties, DH had just been paying them -- and only to certain artists, not everyone. Mark A Nelson was getting royalties, but creators on other comics weren't, for example.

Corporal Hicks

As shitty as the situation was with the Dark Horse writers and artists, I at least understood there wasn't any sort of legal obligation on Disney's part. But this? This is this kind of shit I could see WY trying to pull off. "We inherit the good stuff, not the bad stuff." This could set all sorts of legal precedents if they get away with this.


I'm worried there may already be legal precedents for it, as many companies try to do this.


Disney is playing the WY part. ADF is our Ripley.



ADF is one of my fav authors (Spellsinger FTW!)
For him to be treated this way is a travesty.


Hi. Thanks Mr Foster. So sorry for you.  As I always said about big corporation , consortium etc .... It's just about money.  They don't care about people like you or me. Disney doesn t care about art.  Not anymore .....
Star Wars is crap now , the last predator movie was a piece of "sheet" ..... Because I'm polite    Alien almost dead
I'm not surprise. And because I'm polite I'll not say the F word to Disney   They have others consideration ..... Feminism .... Agenda .... Planning ..... Lgbt ....  I'm sorry you have to talk to them , to deal with them
A bunch of your books are part of my collection
Mr Foster , you are an artist .... They are not.   Regards

Bug hunt wilson

Bug hunt wilson

Walt Disney ruining your favorite franchise in one way or another as soon as they buy them


Well, not surprising at all. Disney gotta be Disney


One thing that puzzles me is why this is only just now coming to light - Disney acquired Lucasfilm in like 2012 and presumably hasn't been paying Foster ever since; have they been stonewalling him for 8 years and I guess now he's finally said "enough is enough" and is going public about it? If so, he's got a lot more patience than I do, I'd have gotten angry about it way before now.

Corporal Hicks

I imagine it was taking the hit from the Alien novels on top of the older Star Wars that finally broke the camel's back.


 >:( This is disgusting.

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