New Aliens CM Screenshots Shown at PAX

Started by Corporal Hicks, Sep 06, 2010, 01:18:09 AM

New Aliens CM Screenshots Shown at PAX (Read 4,879 times)

Corporal Hicks

Kotaku have posted up some pictures of the new screenshots shown at PAX. They seem to be pre-rendered promo shots using in-game resources:

 Gearbox Dropped From Aliens Colonial Marines Lawsuit

The other pieces show similar situations where the marines are generally in a whole mess of trouble. I still expect high-res versions online at some point. Visit Kotaku to see the original images. We have some cleaned up versions in the forums. Thanks to Ikarop for the link and for cleaning the images up for us.

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TJ Doc

TJ Doc

Looks shiny.


HOYL CRAP! THIS game looks b-e-a-utiful


ho goodness it's ALIVE!!!!! >:D



Nice!  :)


Damm that looks nice! that marine got a lot of guts putting his hands near the Alien mouth with all that acid OUCH!



I was hoping for more but this will have to do untill the guys show some in-game action. Still, I'm so hot for this game!  >:D


;D Im happy that the game is still in development and since been delayed for so long we might have something absoulutly incredible




Sorry, we, as consumers, really need to wake up and learn from the past.

This is SEGA.  Now that they've finished cashing in on the travesty that was AvP, they're just going to make GearBox rush this thing out the door, throw it on the shelves before it's even de-bugged, and then cut support after 90 days.

Because they know that AvP fanboys will rush out and buy it anyway.  Quick profit that just leads to even more mediocre games.

Not this time.


herbie 1

herbie 1

look man theyve been making this for years and u cant hold a grudge on sega get over it  gearbox will make this good but people giving up because avp wasn't to peoples expectaions wont make them want to carry on and they it will b put on the shelves but overall avo was a gd game as for the online play was brillant has its problems but so does every game   have hope





hope theyre as faithful as they say they are because i hope they nail this, and make it epic, but im gonna not get over ambitious about it, im sure we can all speak for that, *cough avp films* but for gods sake we need a game reboot to convert some new fans



I just hope they still plan on making this coop with split screen so the wife and I can play together.  I have no wish of playing online with some creepy 45 year old dude in some obscure country in his underwear.  Calling me a noob along the way.  Then again, I wouldn't want to play with any of these stupid kids who never seen a television that wasn't a flat screen either.  Just please make it split screen!

Michael Harper

As long as this has an awesome plot, that is somewhat consistent with the first two films (I'd like to see the Derelict Ship. Even, have it included in the plot), intense, scary and violent (slap this game with an 18 Rating in the UK please), then for a fan who is not much of a gamer, this is a definite first day purchase. I just hope it's better than AVP, which was not a travesty, but it wasn't exactly amazing.

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