AvP2 Interview with Jeff Habberstad

Started by Darkness, Feb 13, 2007, 11:33:39 PM

AvP2 Interview with Jeff Habberstad (Read 1,017 times)


What’s this? Our fourth AvP2 interview? I’ve lost count to be honest. We recently interviewed Jeff Habberstad who was the second unit director on Alien vs Predator 2. The second unit handles shots that are not as important to the film such as scenery shots, cutaways etc. Stunts are commonly filmed with the second unit. Jeff spoke a little about his experiences on shooting AvP2, any difficulties he faced etc. The main points of the interview to note are:

  • AvP2 was storyboarded extensively.
  • There was lots of stunt work in AvP2 as well as wire work.
  • Shot scenes in an operating electric generating plant due to snow.
  • Many stunts were filmed onscreen but some will have a lot of CGI enhancement.
  • Lots of big explosions.

To read our full interview with Jeff, head over to this article. Thanks to Jeff for answering our questions.

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thanks again darkness sounds very good

Corporal Hicks

Wow. Our first article/interview.

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