Questions for Ed Brisson & Netho Diaz

Started by Corporal Hicks, Jan 02, 2024, 08:43:10 AM

Questions for Ed Brisson & Netho Diaz (Read 734 times)

Corporal Hicks

Corporal Hicks

Hi folk! We'll be chatting to Ed Brisson, the current writer on Marvel's Predator series, on the podcast shortly. As usual, I wanted to offer folk the chance to submit any questions they had about the last few series.

Corporal Hicks

We're also going to be joined by artist Netho Diaz as well!


Hey, I have a couple:

1) Any interest to work on an AvP comic series?
2) Who is your personal favourite character in the entire Predator franchise? Films, books and comics permitted!



Well, I have some questions, but some of them maybe the authors don't want to answer.

1st -Whether the expanded universe of the Dark horse comic was erased, or will some parts of this universe and lore can be used?
2nd-Until now Theta has been on a crusade against the yautoja.
If she encounters a human-friendly predator, for her, is that good predator a good dead predator? And do Marvel and Century Studios/Disney have any interest in exploring this idea?(I'm talking about the idea of friendly Predators.)
3rd If both Ed and Netho had any restrictions or frustrations in creating the comic? Whether coming from Marvel or Century studios/Disney.
4th -What if Ed would like to explore the idea of female predators in the future?
5th - For Netho, how long (hours) does it take to illustrate a page? And if it's true that some illustrators suffer from stress because of deadlines?


I hope there is time, but how does one get involved in writing a story for future anthology books? Do you have to be a published author to do so? I am asking both as a writer and a fan of these Predator books.


Do they collaborate with Titan Books?

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