Questions for cast & crew of The Predator?

Started by Corporal Hicks, Sep 02, 2018, 02:34:06 PM

Questions for cast & crew of The Predator? (Read 4,355 times)

Corporal Hicks

So I've got RidgeTop booked in on the red carpet for The Predator's premiere. This should hopefully give us some nice interview opportunities. Unfortunately it's looking like this'll be our only chance for this. As always, though, I wanted to give everyone a chance to submit their own questions.

The Cruentus

Hmm I have multiple but if time limited you can pick one to use I suppose.

What was the reason or inspiration for the design and characterisitcs of Fugitive? given that in the past most media of the Predators always tried to replicate the classic predator appearance in some form or another.

In all appearances of Predators, from films to comics to games, which is their favorite Predator individual?

In a similar line to the above, which Predator design in all the movies, was their favorite?

In another similar line, who is their favorite character in the Predator franchise?

The Old One

The Old One

I'd like to know if anyone has any feelings on when and where the next Predator film ought to take place-

Would any of them like to see a Predator film taking place in a futuristic/Blade Runner setting?


I'd like to know why they decided to strip Upgrade of all of the equipment. Why no mask?


Quote from: Master on Sep 02, 2018, 08:31:16 PM
I'd like to know why they decided to strip Upgrade of all of the equipment. Why no mask?
Agree, one of the most iconic predator element is the armour and mask, im curious


Awesome, big thanks to you and RidgeTop!

-Predator has a history of awesome characters, what do you love about the character you play?


Depending on if there's a chance to talk to Brian Prince, I'm curious about the specific training involved in learning to move and effectively act in the suit and gear.


Has Shane Black or anyone from the crew looked at avpgalaxy to see how the fans have been reacting and/or use it as source for material


Did Shane Black went down on anyone during the production  ?

The Cruentus

Not exactly an appropriate question.  :P


He's referencing Hawkins' joke in the original film :P

The Cruentus

I know, hence the  ":P:laugh:

Funny really, Hawkins makes those jokes and he is then killed by a creature that people says has a "pussyface"   :laugh:

Actual Hybrid

Actual Hybrid

Who is wearing the mo-cap for the Assassin?

Is it Shane? Just tell me if it's Shane


Thanks for the questions, everyone! Keep em' coming. I'll do my best to get in as many as I can depending on what opportunities I find for interviews on the carpet.


It seems near impossible to take down a predator, what would you say motivates your character to gear up and join in the fight?

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