Prey sequel ideas

Started by Yautja888, Aug 14, 2022, 10:37:03 AM

Prey sequel ideas (Read 8,336 times)



I had an idea for a fanfic, but I'm terrible at committing to writing projects, lol.

QuoteThe premise was set in World War I during the Battle of Passchendaele (Belgium), and it followed a captain in the British Army and a French field doctor/physician.

It would highlight the real horrors of World War I - trench warfare, artillery shelling, running strafes, mustard gas, diseases, etc. And that everpresent danger would attract the attention of an interstellar trophy hunter.

Anyway, as the Central Powers and Allied Powers wage war on the frontline, rumors of a vengeful forest spirit begin to circulate in the trenches. People begin vanishing without a trace or cropping up dead from mysterious circumstances. At first, they blame the enemy; perhaps they have access to wonder weapons or are sending covert raiding parties at night. But when No Man's Land becomes decorated with the flayed bodies of soldiers - including Germans - they realize both sides are being targeted.

The protagonists have no choice but to form a team of willing volunteers - including some soldiers from the Central Powers, leading to a temporary, uneasy truce - in order to find and put a stop to this 'vengeful spirit'.

It would culminate in the team discovering the Predator has set up base in an old, burned-out church somewhere in the forest. They try to ambush the Predator when it returns, which of course fails, and results in a lot of them dying. They even try targeting the creature's spacecraft with mortars and artillery shells, but it's too resilient and doesn't even chip the paint.

Eventually, the captain has to adopt guerilla tactics (akin to Dutch) and go primitive. In the final battle, he manages to dislodge the Predator's mask but gets beaten up badly. He instructs the French physician to call in a bombardment on their coordinates, and that finishes both of them off.

That's just the barebones story I had in mind.



A story about the elder predator from Predator 2 going to earth 2 year later after prey, hunt a lot of Animal and the native Americans too, Nawa goes and fight the Predator, epic battle came but she died sadly. Before she dies she tells the predator to take the gun. Predator collects Trophy and gun, Go to ship, the end.

This sounds like a fanfiction more than a story



As much as I loved Prey, I dont really see a need to continue Naru's story. We already have enough to infer how the Predators got the pistol. We don't need a whole new film just to bookend that.

The feudal Japan idea should be the way to go or World War I in the trenches. Have the Predator stalk an encampment hunkered down in no man's land.

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