Predator and Fireteam Builds

Started by Tichinde, Aug 15, 2020, 05:21:28 AM

Predator and Fireteam Builds (Read 489 times)



I figured I'd make this thread so we can show off our Predator: Hunting Grounds Predator and Fireteam Builds, I have a few cosmetic predators I'm kinda proud of, they aren't perfect replicas by any stretch but I think they look good for what they are, I consider many LA adaptations of EU preds. NOTE: You require level 100 or level 150 for some of these builds.

1: Dachande. Need Samurai class and armor which should be tinted green, need level 150 for the elder biomask which will be tinted in "sage" NOT royal, since Royal is too fresh doesn't look as battle worn.

2: Ahab. You need the Prophet's mask to start with since the little design at the bottom kinda looks like loose pred mandible. Elder class for the trophies around his neck, regular default tinting is fine, but for extra accuracy add the scar over his left eye with the "slash" war paint. Color it grey so it kinda looks more in line with the default metal and looks like an old scratch. Other options for the eye scar include the war paint "blood rite" and the "streak" same color applies. Add the Thicker Dreadlocks since Ahab had longer hair in the comic

3. Falconer. Need Alpha Predator (for the singular claw) and color it "scaphoid" you need the Phalanx biomask and tint that bronze. For the skin just use default, it gets all the little green spots he has. He also needs the longer dress from the female or the ones from alpha

4. Wolf. You can give him elder skin, but I don't think it looks good on him, I recommend base default hunter build, with classic skin tone and the real seller for this build the helmet called pheonix I color this and the armor olive to give off that less shiny grimy feel.

also an addendum to the aforementioned Wolf Predator, I made the closest thing to the whip we have in game, it's the Alpha Sickle colored in the "Radius" shader it obviously doesn't function like a whip... at all, but it looks good for pictures imo

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