The 411: A Hunting Grounds Community Project

Started by Mama Zerg, May 10, 2020, 10:07:15 AM

The 411: A Hunting Grounds Community Project (Read 443 times)

Mama Zerg

Mama Zerg

In 1987, Cinema was forever changed;  an action, science fiction hybrid hit the big screen in the form of "Predator." Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger,the iconic film monster known as The Predator hit the mainstream

Now, in 2020, Predator once again comes to the home in the form of "Predator: Hunting Grounds" and has made its way to Playstation 4 and PC. A 4v1 Asymmetrical game of predator and prey, featuring 1 Yautja "Predator" vs a (heavily armed) 4 player "Fireteam" of special operators sent into the remote jungles of South America to deal with  the now disavowed CIA operations of Stargazer All the while delving deeper into the strange secrets of a unique metal known as Veritanium, and surviving encounters with the alien creatures known as Predators.

Now is your chance to be welcomed into "The Hunting Grounds"

New to the game? A vet but want to pass on your skills? Come and test your game skill in an unofficial Predator: Hunting Grounds PC tournament organized by the 411 community.

The "Prey to Heaven" tournament will be held on the 18th of July using the same league rules that can be found on our International Predator: Hunting Grounds server here: You can register your team of 4 or more people and join the hunt.  here: A ranked system makes it easy to tell who you're dealing with, and a League system helps facilitate user engagement.

First time holding a gun Private? Or are you a Youngblood hunter who's yet to take their first trophy? We're here to help you.

The 411 is a community of gamers that are looking to establish an environment where we can all come together and enjoy what we do best, playing games. Our focus is going to be creating and growing ourselves as gamers and members of the gaming community be it by establishing ourselves in games or via content creation.

Our priority is you, our community, and that will always be our priority. Sit back, relax, select yourself some console or game roles once you agree to our wholesome rules here in the discord and we hope to be your one stop shop for fruitful gaming interactions and maybe, just maybe, prosperous people engagements.

Official 'The 411' Discord Server:

Mama Zerg

Major Edit: 7/11/2020 (Updated Discord information, Added International Community)

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