GamesCom 2019 - Opening Night - Predator: Hunting Grounds Footage

Started by Corporal Hicks, Aug 19, 2019, 06:02:57 PM

GamesCom 2019 - Opening Night - Predator: Hunting Grounds Footage (Read 16,031 times)



looks good to me. i havent played any games since the xbox360 generation


Eh, don't really have a PS4, and to be honest this isn't making me jump out of my seat to buy one which I'm sure it wasn't going to. It looks ok but I was hoping for more. To be honest not sure what I was expecting. Also why mention something from the worst solo Predator film? Also is there a definitive release date? It seems there really isn't a good time for it to be released next year because competition is fierce, with the Avengers game early in the year, more games coming out towards the end, and new consoles coming out, I think this game's life is going to be very short.

Voodoo Magic

No definitive release date yet.

Mr. Xenomorph

Don't have a PS4. Thinking about getting a new console, but I'm leaning towards just waiting for the next generation of consoles next holiday season. I just HAD to get a PS3 when Arkham Asylum and Ghostbusters dropped in '09. Nothing's really made me just HAVE to have one. If this was single player, I would be way more interested.

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